Gut Rumbles

November 15, 2006


Originally published August 24, 2005

Why is it that kids, especially little boys, think farts are funny? If they can't fart naturally, they'll learn to make the noise with their armpits, or any other way they can figure out.

I once had Quinton and Jack over at the Crackerbox one night and they both fell asleep on my couch while watching a movie. I covered them both with blankets and left them where they fell.

I awoke about an hour before they did the next morning and made myself a pot of coffee. I was sipping on a cup when I saw the boys begin to stir. AND I SWEAR THAT I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!!!

They saw each other, stuck a hand under the armpit, pointed fingers at each other and started making fart-noises, like gunshots fired with reckless abandon. "I GOT YOU!" "NO! I GOT YOU FIRST!"

Poot-poot-poot-poot they went.

It just so happened at the time that I had a good one coming on. A REAL one. A big-time Daddy-fart.

I walked over to the couch, bent over and let 'em both have a blast that must have recovered some refried beans I ate in a Mexican restaurant a year earlier. It was a WONDERFUL fart. LOUD. LONG. STINKY. I could not have choreographed anything better.

"Now," I said. "I killed you both."

The boys ducked under their blankets making all kinds of gagging and retching noises until Quinton stuck his hand out with a napkin from last night's pizza supper. He waved it like a white flag. "We surrender, Daddy! Don't do that again!"

"You guys stop the fart-wars and I won't nuke you again. Whadda ya want for breakfast?"

In answer to some female questions about whether little boys ever outgrow thinking farts are funny--- no, they don't.

Not ever.


If you don't think farts are funny, there is something wrong with you, IMHO. My step-sons tried their best to teach me how to make armpit farts. I gave it my best but I was never very successful. I am sure it was a sight to seven year old boy, one eight year old boy and one wicked step-mama all flapping our arms. They decided that I could not make good armpit farts because "you are just a girl". They did not yet know that I wasn't wasting my talents on the armpit farts......................................LOL

Posted by: Robin on November 15, 2006 09:03 PM
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