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October 26, 2006

Thank You

This is Sam...

I just wanted to say thanks a bunch to Stevie for taking the time out to post some of dad's BEST every day. I wake up and check Gut Rumbles every morning and for the last week have read some awesome posts that I had forgotten about. Girl, you are picking some good ones. I always loved when he'd post personal stories and memories. You are true "Acidfriend" and I know dad would be proud. Thanks again girl!


Aw, Sam... I don't even know what to say (not that that's ever stopped me before... *giggle*).

But, I've gotta tell ya... the next to the last line really got me.
With that, you just made my year, if not my LIFE, as opposed to just "my day".

I wanna say "it's a labor of love", but, it's not a "labor" of any kind, really. It's not work and the only hard part, like I told ya before, is choosing just one or two a day among all the great stuff he wrote.

And, the coupla times people have said "Thanks, Sam" in the comments just made me smile and I agreed with that... thank YOU for allowing me the honor of doing this for him and you and whomever else enjoys it.
(I'd do it even if nobody else was reading it, actually... *lol* Just keeping Gut Rumbles alive for him like he said he wanted it to be is enough for me.)

And, thank you for removing the one little bit of pressure there was... that of me being "anonymous" about this.
I knew it would come out sooner or later and I was kinda worried about potential shitstorms because of it, but, that you did it this way will probably preclude any but the worst of the trolls from being asshats about it... and, frankly, what would Gut Rumbles be without a troll or two?
*rolls eyes*

Well, I guess now I can go ahead and post about this at Xfire, huh?

Thank you again, Sam, for giving me such a wonderful thing to be able to do for the man who did so much for me.

Posted by: Stevie on October 26, 2006 06:24 PM

Hey Stevie & Sam. Thanks to you both I just spent the last 45 minutes with Rob's memories, had a few uh-huh's, a sigh or two, and three snickers laced with a belly laugh.

Thank You

Posted by: Wes Jackson on October 26, 2006 10:10 PM

Thank you both. i took it hard when blogdaddy passed. it's wonderful to come to the site and see his words. snagged some of them mp3s too, i did. :)

Posted by: richard on October 27, 2006 05:12 PM
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