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June 20, 2006

congressional pork

A lot of you people don't like political posts, so before you stop reading, let me tell you--- this is NOT a political post. It's a Human Nature post.

When I worked at the chemical plant, I was in a position where I made a lot of calls about who received really, really lucrative contracts for doing really, really expensive work in my area. I was offered bribes. OFTEN. FREQUENTLY.

Naw... those weren't bribes... they were GIFTS, given to influence me, just to push me in the proper direction so that I would do the RIGHT THING for the good of the company. If I didn't lock the doors to my truck in the parking lot, I might find a frozen ham, a case of liquor or a few free passes to an expensive golf course over at Hilton Head. Just put there to let me know how much contractors CARED!!! I even had a few guys be so brazen as to pull out a checkbook and ask, "How much?" when a fat contract was up for bid.

Know what I did with that shit? I told the guy with the checkbook to stick it up his ass. I dumped the loot out of my truck and left it in the parking lot. I didn't give a damn WHO picked it up, but it wouldn't be ME. I really wanted to do what was good and proper for my area, and I could NOT be bought. Is that about the dumbest thing you ever heard of?

EVERYBODY ELSE DID IT! I was a damn fool not to do it myself.

I'll admit that I went to a bunch of free lunches while a salesman pitched his wares to me. That wasn't unethical to me. I did it when I was actually interested in what the guy was selling, but the free lunch never had anything to do with my decision to buy it or not.

Look at congress. I was small fry compared to the gadzillions of dollars THEY handle, but the ethics are the same to me. You either CAN be bought, or you CAN'T.

We've got too many people in Congress who take pride in not selling out cheap. As if that makes selling out any different. The only difference between a $2 whore and a $1,000 whore is the price. They're both whores.

And Human Nature? Just damn! We're ALWAYS gonna have whores. Always have, always will. We just shouldn't elect them to Congress.

The problem is... I don't think you can GET to Congress anymore without being a whore to start with.



Problem is...ya don't know they are whores, cuz' they don't ask ya for the fee up front.
Whores are much more honest.

Posted by: imp on June 20, 2006 08:05 AM

As a salesman I run all the time against those guys willing to buy the business under the table. I will not do it. If a game of golf or a ticket to the game gets me the business what happens when the next guy offers a trip or a boat? Go down that path and you always lose with an unethical buyer. Lunches I view as a reward for doing business, a "thank you" if you will.

Posted by: hoosierboy on June 20, 2006 10:04 AM

Congress is giving whores a bad name.

Posted by: oldduffy on June 20, 2006 10:49 AM

"The problem is... I don't think you can GET to Congress anymore without being a whore to start with."

Yep ... In order to get anywhere politically, you have to throw away every principle, scruple, and moral value you ever had ... and then we are "shocked" when one of those politicians gets caught taking bribes. What hypocrites we are!

Posted by: Vulgorilla on June 20, 2006 11:13 AM

I like drinking the booze and eating the free lunches.
I get so much booze we have our annual party on it.
I/We appoint subcontractors to a set of rules that I drew up years ago and that takes place in an open forum.
Another crate of 20 year old will do nicely thank you.

Posted by: KeesKennis on June 20, 2006 11:57 AM

Had a programmer doing contract work one time who told me about growing up in New Jersey. His father had a gas station along a turnpike and he talked about a cop bringing in a 'confiscated' truck of TVs. He kept a couple, the dad kept one, and they sold the rest.

He said such was a regular occurance, and just didn't understand why I got pissed about it("Everybody does that!). He thought I was a naive little jerk, and I thought he was a corrupt asshole.

I still do.

Posted by: Mark on June 20, 2006 08:26 PM

Next time you to feeling like ya give a sht?

check out the #1 industry represented by the individuals we elect and call a congress.

Fucking attorneys can be bought any day of the week! And that incluldes judges as well. Check out their roots!

Many talk about how challenging women are to the men in the world, Attorneys are way worse!

Seem to have been taught a set of ethics that defies definition to the rest of us.

Posted by: TC on June 21, 2006 03:24 AM
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