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June 16, 2006

"caring," Hollywood style

When I first read this story, I passed it off as California nut-balls being California nut balls. A 14-acre inner city "garden," where people have grown flowers and produce for the past 15 years, may vanish because a businessman wants to build a warehouse there.

Sounds terrible, doesn't it? It IS, too--- but not for the reasons you might expect.

So the greens and the green thumbs employed predictable tools of protest, chaining themselves to each other, to 55-gallon, concrete-filled drums and, yes, to a tree.

Some, including actress Daryl Hannah, actually climbed into trees and camped on the branches.

On Tuesday, Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies, some of them in riot gear, came to the site to serve an eviction notice. They used power saws to cut down the site's fencing and the chains linking protesters. Heavy equipment crushed newly grown fruit and vegetables. About four dozen people were arrested and removed from the site on suspicion of violating the eviction order and obstructing authorities, and many activists were dragged away screaming. Fire trucks plucked Ms. Hannah and others from the trees.

Yep. Innocent, green-headed nature lovers were victimized, subjected to Gestapo tactics by Los Angles police, when all the greens really wanted was to save a precious piece of the planet. Oh, the humanity!

I might be a little more sympathetic to their cause if the protesters actually OWNED the land, or even if it were "public" property. Unfortunately, they don't and it ain't. And that's where the story becomes downright nauseating.

The land was owned by businessman Ralph Horowitz, who was FORCED to sell it to the city in the 1980s, because the city wanted to build an incenerator on the site. Green-heads and nutball environmental activists immediately went bullshit over THAT idea and put a stop to it. The city turned the property into a "food bank," where gardeners could play in the "free" dirt by growing natural tofu, organic bean sprouts and medicinal marijuana while singing "Kum-ba-yah" a lot. Folks... you could just feel the love there.

Horowitz didn't like having his land basically stolen from him by rich environmrntslists, so he sued and eventually bought his own land back from the government. When Horowitz announced plans to make money off his land by selling it, the "gardeners" turned around and sued him right back, demanding their "right" to KEEP their precious garden, even though the property didn't belong to them.

Here's where the story gets... uh... rich.

Mr. Horowitz offered a reprieve: He gave the gardeners until May 22 to raise $16.3 million to buy the land. Alas, celebrities such as Ms. Hannah, Willie Nelson, Danny Glover and Joan Baez weren't willing to put their money where their mouths were, and the fund-raising drive fell $10 million short. Now, Mr. Horowitz says he's so perturbed at the tactics of the squatters that he won't sell them the land, no matter what the price.

What a cold-hearted bastid! He obviously doesn't love Gaia as much as rich Hollywood celebrities do.

Even when a judge issued the eviction notice, the greens continued doing what they do best: demanding that they be allowed to decide how other people make use of their property. The rights of plants always trump those of landowners, even when someone wants to build a warehouse on land zoned for and surrounded by warehouses and factories. These zealots will stay the course -- if it takes every last cent of Mr. Horowitz's fortune.

You might think that rich celebrities such as Daryl Hannah, Willie Nelson, Danny Glover and Joan Baez, along with their millions of adoring fans, might be willing to cough up some of their OWN money to BUY the land they care so much about. Then, it would belong to THEM and they could do with it as they pleased.

But that's not how deeply-concerned greenies operate. They don't wish to PAY for it. They want to TAKE IT.

...On Tuesday afternoon, after police had cleared the garden site, protesters moved their sideshow to City Hall, where they screamed, "Save the farm!"

And their lawyers secured a July 12 court date to make a final appeal to transfer the land to the gardeners. Because, when it comes to strident environmentalism, there's no such thing as property rights.

Ask me again why I despise environmentalists. They like to protest and file idiotic lawsuits to Save the Planet, but they very seldom are willing to put their own money where their mouths are. They've got loose lips but tight wallets.

Farkin' hypocrites. They somehow deserve what isn't theirs and they want SOMEBODT ELSE to pay for their selfless "caring." Acting like that sure requires a lot of love, dedication and sacrifice, doesn't it? Bah! Environmentalists?

I've got a better name for 'em. Thieves and parasites. Oh, yeah--- assholes, too.

They are more greedy, obxonious and demented than ex-wives.


Unless the court's issued an injunction, I wish he'd just fire up the old bulldozer and scrape off about a foot of topsoil. Fuckin environmental nazi assholes.

Posted by: ~Jack~ on June 16, 2006 12:51 PM

Your closing blockquote tag is busted: ">/blockquote>".
You can fix it by changing the greater than sign in front to a less than sign.

Posted by: anonymous on June 16, 2006 02:00 PM

I don't see a problem. The 'gardners' can move their operation to Holy-Wood. The same nutty stars that had to be pulled from the trees own hundreds of acres that isn't producing anything except shubbery trimming jobs. Remove the junk and turn their back yards into gardens, if the back isn't enough plant some of those 5 acre front yards in green beans. Everyone should be satisfied with this solution.

Posted by: Scrapiron on June 16, 2006 02:52 PM

If they're chained to trees and drums, it should be easy to get around them and kill all the plants.

Then they won't have anything to "protect" on his land, and they can cry all the way home.

Posted by: Sigivald on June 16, 2006 03:38 PM

if they're chained to barrels fulla concrete, sounds like you just roll them over to the nearest river, problem solved.

Posted by: Ted on June 16, 2006 03:58 PM

I like Ted's solution, but since it is California, you would probably get in trouble for polluting the river.

Posted by: BobG on June 16, 2006 05:43 PM

Thank you anon. After blogging for FIVE YEARS, I never woulda figured out how to close that italic without your erudite instruction.

YOU know HTML code? I am SOOOO impressed!!!

Bejus! Tree-Sleepers are EVERYEHERE!!!!

Posted by: Acidman on June 16, 2006 11:00 PM

while i agree that the celebrities here ought to "put their money where their mouth is" i also feel the land is better used as a FARM (it was really more farm than garden, sorry) which actually provided thousands of pounds of food a year at low cost to homeless people and those on welfare. now taxes will go up to supplant the loss of food.
not saying anything about the guy's right to own his own property. just saying the land was better used(for taxpayers) as was.

Posted by: jenni on June 28, 2006 01:31 PM
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