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June 08, 2006

the idiot party

If Al Gore is a "model Democrat," it's no damn wonder that I despise that political party. Al Gore is a spooky kinda guy to me, even when he's NOT wearing earth-tones and coloring his face bright orange so that he looks attractive to wimmen in a Presidential debate.

In MY humble opinion, Al Gore is a crazed, evangelical doomsday-preacher, with an imagination far better than his memory. And an IQ far lower than that of an amoeba.

But to put Al in his proper perspective, we need to compare him to some other "model" Democrats.

* Hillary Clinton: Crooked, bitchful, lying, self-inflated and cruel. If you ever buy frozen vegetables in the grocery store and you're not close to a refrigerator and you don't want the vegetables to thaw, just get Hillary to hold them between her legs for you. Better than a freezer. No damn wonder that her husband is always on the lookout for other pussy.

* Howard Dean: Raving, lunatic, spittle-spraying nut-ball, who wants to grow up to be a space cadet. If you ever hope to see a genuine "grass-roots" political campaign, stay away from Howard, because his followers have already smoked too much grass. Right down to the roots.

* Bill Clinton: Master weeper. Master apologizer for other people's sins. Master LIAR when it comes to his OWN sins. A "brilliant" man who doesn't know what the definition of "is" is. A fearless defender of wimmen's rights... who abuses wimmen. A man whose entire Presidency was based on taking credit for things other people did, and defined by a cum-stained dress once worn by a 19 year-old intern in the Oval Office.

* Ted Kennedy: Somebody who actually belongs in a leper colony instead of the US Senate. Somebody who would be tossed OUT of a self-respecting leper colony by lepers who thought that Ted was more disgusting than they are, because he kept getting drunk and wanting to fuck their wimmen. A rich sumbitch who never had a real job in his life, but claims to be a champion of the poor. A drunk-driving MURDERER who cheated his way through college and who was such a disgusting politician that even Jimmah Carter once whupped his fat ass. A complete butt-wipe.

* Barbra Streisand: BWHAHAHAAAA! Excuse me, but when I try to think of Barbra as intelligent, I... BWHAHAHAAAA!!! I'm sorry... BWHAHAHAAAAA!!!

* Nancy Pelosi: Just think "leadership" when you think of her. Kinda like the way you think "GIANT, DISGUSTING, WINGED COCKROACH!!!" when you see a palmetto bug.

* William Jefferson: Ain't it difficult to keep from saying "Clinton" at the end of THAT name, whenever you see it in print? The two guys ARE a lot alike. One was laid low by a cum-stained intern's dress in a refrigerator. The other is GONNA be laid low by a bunch ($90,000 worth) of bribery money discovered in his freezer, IF Congress gets off its dead ass and actually investigates one of their own. As soon as they empty their OWN freezers of similar goods.

* Arlen Specter: Wait a minute. He's a Republican, isn't he? Maybe so, on paper. But he still looks (and ACTS) like an ideal Democrat to me... with less integrity than Al Gore, less morality than Ted Kennedy, less leadership ability than Nancy Pelosi and less sense than Barbra Streisand.

Ideal Democrats, one and all.


get it, son! before i stopped getting fucked up every day, i pointed out ted kennedy was a murderer every time i turned around on my blog. people would write and ask why i was so hard on the poor fellow. you succinctly sum it up.
hear hear! excelsior, as algore said on south park!

Posted by: richard on June 8, 2006 03:01 PM

Goddamn, Acidman! You sure know how to got to the point. You say exactly what I am thinking, only I can't put it into words like you can.
Just keep on doin' what you're doin', and I'll keep on reading your blog.

Posted by: Fred Furd on June 8, 2006 05:47 PM
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