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June 07, 2006

mmmm... good!

Here is a wonderful delicacy. I can almost smell them cooking just by looking at the picture, and that is a mighty fine aroma.

Heh. Read some of the yankee comments on that post. What a sad, benighted bunch they are...


Got 10 pounds today and they are cooking now, 1.49 a pound.

Posted by: Catfish on June 7, 2006 06:51 PM

I have to tell you they don't look that good to these benighted eyes but I've never tried them. Heck, I've never even heard of them until I met you folks.

Posted by: Libby on June 7, 2006 07:25 PM

Never had a chance to try them (no green ones around here), but they look interesting.

Posted by: BobG on June 7, 2006 07:52 PM

I just left a Yankee comment over there.

Posted by: Jim - PRS on June 7, 2006 09:31 PM

Leave the yankees to their scrapple.

Posted by: red on June 7, 2006 09:44 PM

Scrapple? Nah.

In Jersey, Taylor Ham is King.

Posted by: Jim - PRS on June 8, 2006 03:49 AM

I was born and raised in the midwest but have lived in the south for the past 22 years. I had never heard of boiled peanuts until I crossed the Mason-Dixon line and although they were different than anything I had ever tried, I liked them. This brings me to a broader subject. You speak of yankee vs. northern differences frequently but I question your qualifications. My experiences, having lived in both places almost exactly the same amount of time is that neither culture is better than the other. They're each unique to themselves. There's good and not so good on both sides. Neither is better than the other.. Take those Georgia grown tomatos that you brag on as an example. My opinion is that they're good but a big fat tomato grown in the breadbasket of America runs circles around your tomato any day of the week. Of course, folks up there are totally missing the food boat when it comes to boiled peanuts.

Posted by: Susie T on June 8, 2006 07:59 AM

"My experiences, having lived in both places..."

You said you lived in the Midwest. Go live in Jersey for 22 years and get back to us on the differences you see.

Posted by: red on June 8, 2006 10:59 AM

Oh red! It was just a perspective on tomatos and boiled peanuts! Apparently you have to be a twatburger on every subject. That's okay, honey. I know you can't help it.

Posted by: Susie T on June 8, 2006 11:26 AM

Wow. Tell your therapist I said "hi".

Allow me to apologize for having the temerity to point out a massive geographical and social error. I didn't know you were sensitive enough to cry into your pillow over an such innocent correction. I should have known that in this day and age people would rather operate in the benighted condition of piss-ignorance rather than admit they might not know everything. That might hurt the self-esteem, or some such. Again, I apologize.


Interesting. I'm not up on my modern junior high insults, so what exactly would a "twatburger" be?

Posted by: red on June 8, 2006 01:13 PM

The Filipinos boil peanuts too. Sorry, but I like my peanuts dry and my women wet....

Posted by: ScottG on June 8, 2006 06:53 PM

How the hell did "twatburger" become akin to BOILED PEANUTS in someone's twisted imagination????

Never mind. It came from a yankee.

Posted by: Acidman on June 8, 2006 08:06 PM

HIGH FIVE, ACIDMAN!!!!!!! I luuuuuuuv you.

Posted by: LilToni on June 10, 2006 02:10 AM
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