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June 06, 2006

Worth a look

I don't read many purely political blogs, for three damn good reasons. First, most of 'em are poorly written, and I don't like that. Piss on a breathless, semi-literate, Pajamas-Media exclusive report, complete with a Podcast, videocams and a link by Glenn Reynolds, on a story that nobody in the got-dam WORLD cares about, except for back-slapping PJM cronies and NZB Ecosystem denizens of the "one-celled amoeba" caste, who want to be linked by somebody--- anybody "important," even if they have to perform a blow-job on a dog to get there.

(Excuse me. I was in danger of becoming overwrought for a moment... lemme get back on-topic. Where was I?)

Oh, yeah...piercing, insightful, cutting-edge, "tipping point" political blogs? Fuck 'em. I would MUCH rather relax and read this guy, even when he spends two weeks on the blog-version of Moby Dick, all wordy and boring, about building a got-dam outdoor TV cabinet. At least something that I was totally disinterested in was expressed well with words. You can't say the same about this site. (Well... you COULD, but you'd be a goddam liar.)

Second, political theater disgusts me today. And THAT'S what 90% of politics IS anymore--- pure theater. Oh, I rant about politics a lot, but I do that mainly to demonstrate that I DO read the news and I DO follow current events.

Most people don't. Most people can tell you who won the last show of "American Idol," and they can tell you what's been going on behind the scenes in "Survivor," but they can't name their own senators. THOSE are the people that political theater-performers are targeting. THOSE are the people who elect the clowns we have in office today.

Third, arguing politics is a lot like arguing religion. You're not REALLY gonna change a kool-ade-drinking idjit's mind about what that dingbat already believes, no matter how badly confused the person is, no matter how well you present your case, and no matter how many facts are on your side.

Sometimes, deliberate ignorance is etched in stone. It don't wipe off.

Anyway, in a long, rambling, around-about way, I finally reached my point. As political blogs go, this one isn't too bad. I tried it, and I liked it.

It's worth a look.


Thanks, dude.

Hold it..."BORING"???

Screw you. See if I invite YOU to get drunk and eat pizza on the patio while watching Steven Seagal flicks.

Well, actually I guess inviting you to get drunk would be a bad idea regardless.

Posted by: Steve H. on June 7, 2006 05:56 PM
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