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June 05, 2006

garden harvest

berries 007 (Small).jpg

I TOLD you folks that I can't take a good picture with my exotic, high-priced digital camera. It's a Fuji S-3100, will all the bells and whistles, including a 6X zoom lens.

Every got-dam picture I take with it turns out blurry. Like this one. I took about a dozen pictures of a beautiful nekkid woman on my last trip to Costa Rica, but those all turned out fucked up, so that you can't tell if the subject is a man or a woman, pretty or ugly, alive or a cheap inflatable love-doll. That's why I never posted any of them.

I HATE that camera.

But I managed to hobble out to my garden today to see if the hailstorm last night destroyed anything. Some of the plants look a little beat-down, but I still had some ripe tomatoes, a bell pepper and a few banana peppers that needed picking.

I took a shitty picture of them, which does NOT do them justice.

I put the tomatoes in the refrigerator, and when they get a nice chill on them, I'm gonna eat them like apples, with just a little salt on them.

I also have a LOT more where those came from.


With most digital cameras I've had, you set it on auto, hold the shutter down 1/2 way until a green box (or whatever) comes on the screen, letting you know you're locked on and everything's right, then depress the shutter all the way down. Does yours do that (the 1/2 way down thing first?)

Posted by: Lisa on June 5, 2006 09:54 PM

Sorry, I don't have any expertise on digital cameras. I just want to know why the hell you want to ruin your tomatoes by putting them in the refrigerator. They taste much better at room temp.

Posted by: Glenn on June 5, 2006 10:53 PM

If you're zooming too close, the photos will naturally be blurry, which I'm sure you already know. Also, many digital cameras take blurry photos that can be remedied by using your flash no matter what the lighting situation is. Might want to try that to see what happens.

Posted by: Tessa on June 5, 2006 11:13 PM

I'd be talking to the guy who sold me the camera. Show him your images, he might have some suggestions.

Posted by: Bonita on June 5, 2006 11:35 PM

Peppers colaspe when squeezed don't they? (giggle)!

Posted by: TC on June 6, 2006 01:45 AM

I still can't see any of the pics you post!

Beats the crap outta me as well.

So maybe post a url of their location as well?

Posted by: TC on June 6, 2006 01:51 AM

Just remember that if you pick a 'mater before it's fully ripe and chill it below about 65 degrees F. it will shut off the ripening process. (thx Alton Brown on Good Eats)

How long did it take from planting til you got the biggun' on the right?? I planted my Beefsteaks, Romas and Grape tomatos around the end of April. Now I'm getting a good showing of Romas (plenty of green ones but no red yet) and Grapes (a few of which have been ripening for about the last week), but still only flowers on the Beef Bastards.

I've been watering and feeding and tending to them like they were a disabled kid in a helment, but still no-show from the Beefs...

Mebbe I should gorge on hot dogs and baloney until I get a raging case of gout and can't even sit right on the crapper and let nature smack them around for a while... Seemed to work for you...

As for the camera, does it have an "AUTO" setting?? I set my Canon A520 PowerShot on the "AUTO" setting when we first got it because it seemed the quickest, simplest way to put it right to work, and haven't found a reason to mess with it since.

No outta focus, no red-eye, clear close zoom shots, no problems at all and every pic that wasn't up to snuff was because of factors other than the camera. (i.e. Operator Error, the "subject" moved, etc.) As long as we hold the shutter release 1/2 way down and let it's brain figger out what needs to be done, wait for the "signal" and then shoot, no worries, mate.

Posted by: MoMinuteMan on June 6, 2006 03:13 AM

Those must be some tiny envelopes you've rested nature's bounty upon. Doesn't it rain back there anymore? Ah well, those little salad tomatoes can be real tasty.....

Posted by: Pert Moody Newt on June 6, 2006 04:41 AM

If you really hate it, I'll trade you for my cheesy Kodak...

Posted by: Libby on June 6, 2006 07:10 AM

The left side of the photo seems to be MORE out of focus than the right.....I dont know what that means, I just thought I would make that observation...and as far as tomatoes in the refrigerator go, thats a huge NO-NO.....(especially a garden tomato!) I cringed when I read that.....

And I have a NIKON 8700 (digital) and it takes beautiful photos, but every now and again, some just come out blurry (and its always the BEST shot, naturally) I dont know if its me getting shaky, OR if I am too close the subject, or what. But I can relate to your frustrations.....NOW, keep those damn tomatoes out of the refrigerator!

Posted by: Ruth on June 6, 2006 07:44 AM

My mother-in-law was a good ol midwest farm girl and she knew her business. I'd never met a woman that actually knew how to MAKE cottage cheese but I digress.....

She once told me that if you needed to finish ripening a tomato to simply put it into a paper sack, scrunch down the top and let it sit at room temperature for a couple of days. It works but I don't know why. I need an Einstein Ricky to 'splain it to Lucy.

Posted by: Susie T on June 6, 2006 08:11 AM

Gotdam if you ain't a crippled farmer! Good looking stuff. I am gonna start freezin 'maters' today because they finally got ahead of me on what I can eat. But the early spring heat did the pole beans under so that bed is going into blackeyed peas for the summer.

Posted by: GUYK on June 6, 2006 10:53 AM

A simple solution to your focus problem is to have more light. Even if your eye thinks there is enough light, the processor in the camera thinks otherwise.

Any camera on auto will compensate for lack of light and take a longer exposure. Nobody can hold a camera steady enough while the shutter remains open longer than a half second for a sharp photo.

To eliminate this problem, make sure there is plenty of daylight, use a flash or a tripod or both.

And I don't give a shit if you refrigerate them or not. They're your tomatos got dammit.

Posted by: CZ on June 6, 2006 12:00 PM

I'm so jealous. It's not even breaking the 70 degree mark here, so my tomato plants are only about a foot tall and a long way from producing. I don't get home-growns until around August.

Posted by: MJH on June 6, 2006 01:15 PM

I know this ain't the same camera, but take a look at the knob on the right-hand side of this picture:
It says "Lock S-M-C"

Do you by chance have something like that on your camera? If so, you may need to twiddle with it to get it set back to "S" or "S-AF", which tells it to auto-focus for stills.

Posted by: Dave S. on June 6, 2006 03:30 PM

You've got a good camera. Looks like you've figured out how to use it. Now you can play with some of the options. I use a Fuji 5100, 10X optical zoom and it takes great pictures. Have to use a tri-pod when zoomed out to 1/2 mile or so (lots of wild game pictures since the deer, turkey and squirrel like the corn i keep out as bait) since i'm old and shaky. I use a Fuji E550 for close up family or party photo's. Hooked on the Fuji's and i have a half dozen or so different brands laying around gathering dust.

Posted by: Scrapiron on June 7, 2006 12:05 AM
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