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June 05, 2006

new drugs

My friend Catfish is on some new drugs now. He's missing a couple of discs in his back and I think he's got more problems with pain than I do. He's already been dead once, but the emergency room folks managed to jump-start his heart and he lived to tell that story. (He also told me that he didn't see any bright light or feel the hand of God when he was clinically DEAD. He said that he didn't see or feel ANYTHING. He died and didn't even know it, until he woke up in the hospital.)

He's on Duragesic Patches now, which are a time-release type of morphene.

I remember the last time I saw the best friend I've ever had--- steve hamby. He was in the last stages of dying from prostate cancer and he wore the same kind of patches plastered all over his chest. Not just one or two, but six or seven at a time, the heavy-duty 100mg kind.

That should have been enough morphene to kill a horse, but Steve didn't act fucked up when he was patched up. In fact, he took me for a car ride all over Augusta once when I went to visit him and he drove better than most other people on the road.

I talked to Cat today and he says he can't tell that the patches are doing anything for him. I told him what Steve told me: the patches don't get you HIGH, but they dull bone cancer pain fairly well. Steve wore so many at once that he resembled a well-wrapped mummy when he took his shirt off.

I hope the patches work for Cat. Hell, if I could get my hands on some, I might try to chew 'em up and swallow them. Hurtin' all the time ain't no fun at all.

Besides--- if Cat gets too decrepit to walk anymore, where am I gonna go fishing and shoot my non-existant guns?


I'd like to stick one in my mouth right now where I had that dental work done today!

Posted by: Lisa on June 5, 2006 07:45 PM

I'm on tap for some of that tomorrow.

Sorry Cat, gotta be a real pain.

Posted by: TC on June 6, 2006 01:40 AM
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