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May 29, 2006

government in action

If you aren't aware of this story, you should be. It's another example of how ethical, efficient and effective government is when it pisses away does "good" with taxpayer dollars.

Remember the $500 hammers our military purchased back during the Reagan administration? Of course you do! That story was trumpeted far and wide and it occasionally echos today. Reporters, politicians and pundits LOVED to paint the MILITARY as a bloated, wasteful, incompenent bunch of money-suckers.

That was easy and fun, because they never liked the military anyway. Hell, we'll be hearing about Enron for years, too. Corporations are almost as evil as the military in some warped minds. Which leads me to my question of the day. (And don't say "FEMA," because the post-Katrina flapdoodle was more anti-Bush than it was anti-bureaucracy.)

Why don't those same people display the same outrage over worse behavior in a government bureaucracy?


I agree that the outrage with FEMA after Katrina was misplaced. It was just a Bush-bashing fest by everybody with an outlet.

However, I'd like to take this time to remind people: FEMA is not a relief organization. They did not fail after Katrina. They did exactly what they were trained to do.

They are "command and control" after a disaster. They are not there to save you they are they are to save order. Plain and simple.

They will coordinate with local police, bus in more police, and coordinate with the National Guard to remove you from your home. They will stick you in a "relief" center. They will relieve you of any firearms you have.

That's what FEMA training is about (and videos of said training are available) and this is what FEMA coordinated after Katrina.

If you see FEMA coming to "help" you you'd best run the other way. I know I will.

Sorry for the thread hi-jack, Rob. Juts a knee jerk reaction whenever anybody mentions FEMA and Katrina at the same time.
From what I gather a lot of the high-priced items that were way out of skew for us normal folk often involved aviation. It seems there's more testing and QA that goes into any part that's supposed to be on a plane, even when it seems entirely unnecessary. My (former) direct manager at work is a private pilot as is a member of the team I work on. Apparently their planes are built using a substantial number of automotive parts.

Unfortunately it costs then a metric assload more money to get the very same part from the very same factory for their planes than it would if they could legally slap one in from the automotive industry.

That's how you end up with $400 toilet seats and $500 hammers. It ain't right, but that's how it works.

Posted by: Justin Buist on May 30, 2006 12:21 AM

Not to be a cynic, but can anyone really be surprised at this? What's more how many know enough to understand and of those, who care?

By the way, the photos from the Prisoner summer series take me waaay back to my youth - I watched 'em all except the last episode, and that's one of my many regrets in life. It is one of the more minor ones though.

A man once told me that the whole banking/mortgage/real estate thing is a house of cards. Should it fall, those that own firearms will still be in possession of the place they live and quite possibly be able to influence about everything within range. Lake Tahoe will be inhabited by squatters.

Posted by: Guaman on May 30, 2006 05:29 AM

I don't remember the $500 hammers....but I seem to recall $700 toilet seats for the Air Force.

Posted by: Maggie on May 30, 2006 06:26 AM

All my federal government outrage is used up. I'm empty. The little bit I generate in the morning is used up after watching TV for 23 seconds.

Posted by: ErikZ on May 30, 2006 10:34 AM

What does Fannie Mae have to do with Government In Action?

Posted by: Arcs on May 30, 2006 10:45 AM

I dunno, Arcs.... what does the IRS or the DEA have to do with Government in Action?

Nothing, I suppose...

Posted by: Acidman on May 30, 2006 12:52 PM
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