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May 27, 2006

don't want no short people--- in jail

I oppose Affirmative Action. I oppose government set-asides, quotas, unequal rights in the name of equality, or any other kind of special privileges granted to political grievance groups because of their "victim" status. When government engages in that kind of bullshit, it doesn't solve any problems. It merely creates more "victims," who whine about wanting THEIR share of "fairness," too.

Why is anyone suprised or outraged to see this kind of logic coming from a judge? It's not idiocy. It's COMPASSION!

A judge's decision to sentence a 5-foot-1 man to probation instead of prison for sexually assaulting a child has angered crime victim advocates who say the punishment sends the wrong message.

But supporters of short people say it's about time someone recognizes the unique challenges they face.

See? The guy may be a piece of child-molesting scum, but he's SHORT, and when deciding his sentence, the judge was correct to consider the "unique challenges" he could face in prison. After all, he might be molested in there.

"I'm concerned about the message this sends to victims and perpetrators," said Marla Sohl with the Nebraska Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Coalition, adding that it shows more concern is being placed on the criminal and his safety in prison than the victim.

But Joe Mangano, secretary of the National Organization of Short Statured Adults, agreed with the judge's assessment that Thompson would face dangers while in prison because of his height.

When you have one victim's group arguing with another victim's group about who is the bigger victim, you NEED a judge to figure it out. As President of the Southeast Jawja Organization of Short People with Thinning Hair and Funny Accents, I applaud this decision.

I also wonder how I can use it to keep MY Cracker ass out of jail one of these days.


Oh for crying out loud - that is RIDICULOUS! I guess you CAN go and shoot someone from the IRS after all - you're short, you'll get away with it!

Hmmm...I wonder if I could get off on a similar argument - I have big boobs and pouffy blonde hair, I might get molested if I were sent to jail too... good little precedent to tuck away for future use, no?

Posted by: Lisa on May 27, 2006 11:55 AM

What kills me is that another article covering the same case mentions that the "concern" was that this dirtbag would become some inmate's "woman" -- what a just and fitting punishment for a child molester.

Posted by: EricT on May 27, 2006 06:51 PM

Hhmmm... I'm looking deeper into the logic here. Perhaps if the offending scum had molested a TALL child he might've proved that he wasn't afraid of tall people and therefore jailworthy? He definitely must've molested a short kid, which cements his unworthiness to go to jail. After all, jail is only for respectable tall people who can take care of themselves, right? Hell, why not just throw him in solitary for his entire sentence if he's so afraid of being molested. After all, he's knows what he's talking about, eh?

Posted by: G on May 28, 2006 11:11 AM

2 years of reading you blog daily and it finally hits me. You remind me of George Carlin... some of the shit you say.... lol

Posted by: Zer0 on May 28, 2006 10:40 PM
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