Gut Rumbles

May 02, 2006

old habits are hard to break

Stuffing pork into necessary spending bills is a disgraceful practice, but some senators seem proud of it. Buncha assholes. If Republicans take a big hit in this year's congressional elections, they've got nobody but themselves to blame.

I think the Porkbusters idea is a damn good one, and one that's long overdue. Politicians don't like it, because it shines a light on their spending shenanigans and they would prefer that YOU stayed in the dark about that dirty business. But it's YOUR got-dam money that they're tossing around like confetti.

If the spending can't stand scrutiny, it needs to be eliminated. I don't want to pay federal taxes in Georgia so that Trent Lott can buy reelection votes in Mississippi with MY money. That's not being "wily." That's being a jerk. And we have a LOT (pun intended) of jerks in congress. Old habits may be hard to break, but larding federal spending with pork is one that needs breaking.

It just may take an election disaster for Republicans to drive that point home.

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