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April 23, 2006

right idea, wrong motivation

When I saw the headline, "Black Activists Join To March With Minutemen," I thought that maybe the Jesse and Al show was about to appear on the scene. I just couldn't figure out what those two self-aggrandizing blowhards had to gain for themselves by getting involved in the illegal immigration issue.

Then I read the article and learned that some guy named Ted Hayes, a "homeless activist," was the featured black activist in the story. I've never heard of the guy, but I've damned sure heard what he has to say--- MANY times before.

(He)...alleged that most homeless people in Los Angeles are black and illegal immigration compounds the problem since blacks refuse to accept the slave wages that many illegal immigrants accept.--- emphasis mine--ed

If you don't see something terribly wrong with that statement, there's something terribly wrong with YOU. Is he suggesting that homeless people, at least the black ones, sleep on the fucking sidewalk and eat out of trash cans because they have too much pride to take a low-paying job? That's an odd idea of pride, if you ask me.

"While all Americans are suffering from this invasion, we blacks are suffering the most," Hayes said. "We feel like the leaders promoting this issue are being insensitive. This country wasn't built on the backs of immigrants like (Villaraigosa) says. It was built on the back of West African slaves."---emphasis mine again--ed.

Here we go again with that bullshit about this nation being built on the backs of slaves. Slaves may have picked a lot of cotton down South, but it's a real stretch to say that slaves built this nation. Or that white folks built it on the backs of slaves.

People who get all wound up over that silly statement convienently forget that slavery was abolished 143 years ago, when we had 35 states and less than half the land area of the country was settled. Slavery was abolished BEFORE most of the big advances in the Industrial Revolution and BEFORE the transcontinental railroad, the Golden Gate Bridge, Hoover Dam or the Empire State Building.

Forget all that. Was this nation really "built on the backs" of ANYBODY??? That's grand rhetoric for the I Hate America And I Wanna Make You Feel Guilty crowd, but it's really a bunch of hogwash. Was the Interstate Highway System built "on the backs" of DOT workers?

At least Hayes isn't totally oblivious to reality.

Hayes said that Minutemen Project members have been unfairly portrayed as racist.

"I've been down to the border with them. They're not racist," Hayes said. "They don't care what color you are."

Be still my trembling heart!!! Here's a black activist saying that some white people are NOT racists. That's a refreshing outlook, considering today's atmosphere of suffocating political-correctness. This guy must have wandered off the plantation somehow and fell out of lockstep with Cynthia McKinney and her ilk. I thought only Bill Cosby had the nerve to say stuff like that.

I agree that illegal immigration is a big problem--- for ALL Americans. Anybody who tries to make this problem a racial issue is nursing a grievance or pushing a hidden agenda with no thought to the future of this country. This issue is about national soverentry; it ain't about skin color, no matter what some "activist" tells you.

Listen to them, and don't be surprised when English is taught as a second language in public schools.


Actually, Ted Hayes is known for being an independent minded activist, who has been known to support Republicans. He often criticizes the Sharpton/Jackson crowd.

Posted by: gahrie on April 23, 2006 09:26 PM

actually, slavery deprived people of jobs, back then. Thousands upon thousands of jobs. And in that sense, the institution of slavery, contributed heavily to, if not caused poverty, and did not benefit the average citizen. So, it's sort of a full-circle thing. Now, the emancipated are being *deprived of employment by the illegal immigrants in a way much similar.

Posted by: RONW on April 23, 2006 10:57 PM

Actually, I think the Irish did more to build this country than black slaves.

In the South, slaves were very valuable property. If a slave got hurt, you not only lost your investment but you had to provide health care for him/her.

So, if any heavy, dangerous work had to be done, they called in Irishmen. There were always lots of them around, and if one got hurt cutting down a tree, it was get off my land, not let me call the doctor for you.

In fact, I don't know of any big public work projects that employed black slaves. They used Irishment to build the Erie canal for example, where they died like flies from malaria (Yes, in upstate NY. It was rampant)

That's the truth, but, it is just too unPC to admit it, especially since the global spread of malaria due to global warming is one of the many perils we face today.

The complete ignorance of our history is the main reason why we see so much stupidity going on around us.

Posted by: joel Hammer on April 23, 2006 11:30 PM

Malaria, global warming? Get real!
Let's not for get the Chinese who built the trans-continental railroad, and many other things.

Pumpman, that was a great post!

Posted by: Alan on April 24, 2006 01:35 AM

The slaves building America assertion has always been entertaining. It's like saying riveters designed and engineered the space shuttle. Reasoning that, not surprisingly, well- can only be birthed by a specific cultural mindset.

Posted by: Pert Moody Newt on April 24, 2006 02:41 AM

Yea, and you think it was EASY running those plantations?


(I kid)

Posted by: Yogimus on April 24, 2006 05:31 AM

Ted Hayes can say some stupid things, but I think you might like him Rob. You should Google him a bit and find out more about him.

Posted by: middy on April 24, 2006 12:30 PM

Ted Hayes may not be an conservative's conservative, but he's no moonbat. Take middy's advice.

Posted by: Juliette on April 24, 2006 11:26 PM
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