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April 22, 2006

tough love

Maybe this is what it takes:

"But if the GOP is going to get beat in this election, I hope they get beat good. With gerrymandering in the States, it's hard to see how more than 30 seats change hands in the House of Representatives. But if 60, 80, 100 or more switch from Red to Blue, meaning that even "Republican" districts are rejecting the firebrand politics of the xenophobic, corrupt, spendthrift, Religious Right wing of the GOP, maybe they'll get the message and we can start taking back our party."--- scott olin schmidt

I couldn't agree more. The Republican Party has completely disillusioned me, and I don't like it. I think that they played me, and everyone who thinks like me, as a fool.

Well, I'm crazy but I ain't real dumb. I listened to the bullshit about smaller government and less spending once, but I won't fall for that trick again. Republicans: You said one thing to me and then you did another. Now, I don't believe a damn thing you say. I just look at what you DO, and it makes me want to puke. Republicans may not be the jello-spined asswipes that the Democrats are, but they sure seem to WANT to be. I'm beginning to see little difference between the two.

I'm sick of both. What we really need is a viable third party in the country. Or an election-year bitch-slap to the Republican party to make them remember what brought them to power in 1994.

That's what it will take to get ME back to the polls.


As a former lifelong Democrat, I feel the same about my former party but we're not going to get a viable third party unless you show up and vote for them.

The conventional wisdom pundits are all saying the third party thing can't be done and a vote for them is a vote for the other side. Of course most of the conventional wisdom pundits already have power in one of the big two and want to keep it.

I say we make liars out of them and show up to the polls in droves and vote for third party candidates in 06. It don't seem to much matter whether a Dem or Repub gets in because of it, but if enough people got on board some third party guys could actually get elected and that would send a big message to the thieves inside the beltway that the people are mad as hell and we're not gonna take it anymore.

Posted by: Libby on April 22, 2006 02:41 PM

Well okay...

If the Republicans retain their hold on congress, you get...

More of the same.

However, if the Democrats regain power, what you will get is...

...An ignominious retreat from Iraq - followed by the corrupt, oil-for-food-money-thieving UN having a veto over US foreign policy and legal decisions. I canít vote for a party who due to their blind hatred for the present CinC canít bring themselves to praise the knocking off of a brutal dictator like Hussein Ė even after they voted for it - TWICE! We're in a war, folks. the repercussions from a retreat in the war on terror would be devastating.

...Another - probably successful - attempt at socializing our medical system. I canít vote for a party who is going to nationalize medicine, because I see the other stuff the federal government does, and we simply canít trust the practice of medicine to the feds. What program do you want to model it on? NASA? Welfare? Public housing projects? The military acquisitions program? (Geeeeebus. I canít believe people would even think about entrusting their health to the government.)

...More and higher taxes. I cannot allow a party to be in control that is constantly threatening to jack up taxes as much as they say. Because, you see, I have a job. I work for a living. And that makes me one of those eeevil rich in their eyes. Well I've already kicked in more than 35% to the community chest this past year, and itís turning into theft, folks. Theft.

...More useless gun laws. Yeah, that's the ticket. I want my guns taken from me, so the local hoodlums from the adjacent high crime neighborhood can come over to my house to rape and pillage with impunity while the cops take 20 to 30 minutes to show up and clean up the mess. Folks, if you own a gun, the Democrats think YOU are the problem, not the criminals who prey on the helpless.

...More feel-good laws in the name of diversity - ALL HAIL DIVERSITY - that do nothing but restrict more of your freedom. Do you want the whole nation to be run just like Louisiana and New Orleans when a disaster like Katrina strikes?


Look - I'm just as pissed as you people are about this whole illegal immigrant problem, but no matter how much the Scots-Irish side of me wants to kick over the lantern and let the whole political ediface burn to the ground, I canít bring myself to do it. I donít often see right and wrong in politics, and maybe Republican/Democrat isnít a clear-cut case of right vs. wrong. And I certainly donít agree with everything Bush and the Republicans do because they have some very big problems too.

But in this case, at worst, itís a case of a little wrong, versus very wrong.

No way in hell could I pull for the Democrats - even indirectly by voting third party or staying away from the polls alltogether. If the Democrats regain control, people like Micheal Moore, Barbara Streisand, and Jesse Jackson will have the ear of those in power. And people like Howard Dean, John Kerry, and Cynthia McKinney would be IN power! I wouldnít wish those people and their worn out Ď60s radicalism on my enemies, much less my family, friends and country. Todays Democrat party is a walking disaster looking for a place to happen, and if the majority of this country doesnít figure that out soon, weíre going to pay a very heavy price in both blood and gold. Mark my words.

So what's to do? Folks, never forget that "all politics are local." Tip O'Neal said it, but it's true. We only have ONE elective office in the land that is decided in a national election and that's the President. Everything else is local - either at the community, district, or state level. I can't control who Massachusetts puts in their two senate chairs, but I can damn sure have a vote about who Kentucky sends. And my two senators - Mitch McConnell and Jim Bunning - are pretty good guys. And my congressman, Ron Lewis, is one of the best.

I've done my part, so the rest of you get off your asses and go VOTE! - in the primary's and the caucus's not just the general election.

DO NOT stay home or the bad guys will win for sure.

Posted by: Roy on April 23, 2006 12:14 PM

I've been saying for a while, that them in DC need a reality check by everyone voting independant. It's not going to really change anything, but might wake them up to how p*ssed off we are.

Posted by: KurtP on April 23, 2006 02:30 PM

Check out the Constitution Party...
there is no difference in the dems & repubs--both spend like maniacs and neither one will protect our borders...

Posted by: maxnnr on April 24, 2006 10:12 PM
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