Gut Rumbles

March 16, 2006

He's okay...

I talked with dad today and he's doing much better. He still can't talk to well but the tube is out and he seems to be in better spirits. He's hoping to come home tomorrow.

Catfish went to see him today and has also posted an update.

ALSO: A lot of people are asking for my e-mail address:



great news!

And thanks, Sam, for keeping us updated :)

Posted by: caltechgirl on March 16, 2006 05:04 PM

So glad to hear he is doing better. And thanks Sam for the updates. Please email me?

Posted by: livey on March 16, 2006 05:13 PM

Hey Sam, Sweetie...

You might wanna spell out your email address a little, like... use the word "at" instead of the symbol and actually spell out the word "dot" at the end.

As in: Savannahsam05 at yahoo dot com

That way, when these pages get "crawled" by search engines to be cached for posterity, your email address can't be crawled too, by spammers.

When you spell it out like that, it just seems like regular words to 'em. But, when you use the "@" and the ".com", they recognize that as an email address and then it gets put on lists-n-shit and you can be spammed to death.

And, thank you for the updates on your Daddy.
Next time you see him, wouldja please give him a big ol' hug for me?

Posted by: Stevie on March 16, 2006 06:11 PM

tell him to get his ass back to writing, his site is the 1st one i go to every day...

Posted by: stratguy on March 16, 2006 06:40 PM

thanks stevie :)

Posted by: Sam on March 16, 2006 06:53 PM

Thanks for the update Sam. Hope the old fart is back on his feet soon. Tell him assrot said hello.

Posted by: assrot on March 16, 2006 07:30 PM

Stevie, if you really care about this stuff (and you should) spelling out "at" and "dot" won't do it. the harvesting scripts are sophisticated enough that they parse the words.

Javascript obsfucation should still work in most cases, but the best bet is just not to use email links in any format. Throw up a fast freddy contact form (your blogging tool probably has a plugin) and just use that for your contact link.

Posted by: Meanie on March 16, 2006 08:14 PM

Crap. Try this instead. It might even work.

Posted by: Meanie on March 16, 2006 08:15 PM

Yeah... okay.

The day I take advice from someone who says the shit you did about Rob is the day I stop being me.

Ain't gunna happen.

I mean, really... after the shit you said about Rob, how am I supposed to believe that all of a sudden you're gonna be helpful or honest or even NICE about anything?

Myself, I'll stick to what Paul tells me.
He hasn't led me wrong or given me one piece of bad information YET in about... what? Three years, I think.

So thanks (/sarcasm), but...
piss off.

One more thing... how is it you have the "balls" to say the kind of shit you did about Rob, but not to post your real name or contact info, hummmm?

Your credibility sucks.

Posted by: Stevie on March 16, 2006 08:36 PM

I don' t understand why "Meanie" would be trying to give advice to Robs loyal readers.

Anyway, the e-mail address is a free yahoo account so if I get a box full of spam, oh well.

Also to "Meanie", if Acidman is so fucking horrible and pathetic, why do you read his blog???

Posted by: Sam on March 16, 2006 08:46 PM

Whatever, hun.

Do your own research and make up your own mind. All this spam prevention nonsense is well documented and there is no need to take my word for it.

As far as what I said, I'm standing by it. I've been there, done that and now I treat other people doing the same thing. Do your denial and call it support, do your defense and call it loyalty -- but, when somebody in recovery hits the tropics for a week and comes home with a perforated ulcer, you gotta wonder.

Posted by: Meanie on March 16, 2006 09:26 PM

You know, I'm not leaving this alone. I should, but I won't.

If you people care care about this old buzzard you need to ask yourself why somebody with less than six months of sobriety would willfully go against every single tool that has kept him sober this long.

I have news for you, recovering alcoholics do not go gambling, whoring and hanging out in tropical bars. At least not if they plan to stay sober. I notice he doesn't blog about hitting meetings anymore and I haven't heard a peep about a sponsor... for someone so willing to put his life on the street this is an odd omission.

You can look at your boy as a unique snowflake and decide that the rules don't apply to him. Then you can bury him, steal his guns and get good and ripped at the funeral. Or... you can tell him when he's full of shit and stop helping him kill himself.

NOW, I'm done.

Posted by: Meanie on March 16, 2006 09:38 PM

You say the tube is out.

The tube in which end?

Posted by: Steve H. on March 16, 2006 09:42 PM

I don't think you know very much about him. He over exaggerates A LOT on this blog. I can tell a difference in him since he came home from rehab. I call him frequently and over the last 4 months everytime I call we actually have a conversation, something he couldnt do when he was drinking. He goes to visit his grandmother every Sunday, something else he didn't do before. He has put on weight, he looks good and from what I hear from family that has seen him since he's been in the hospital he even looks good now. My grandmother had ulcers and I have ulcers. I don't drink.
If I find out that he DID drink in Coasta Rica I will lay on his ass about it. If he did drink there he won't stop when he comes home and I'll be able to tell. I am not one to wear the blinders. I know my dad is a hard headed old grouch but that doesn't mean I'm not going to love and support him. He IS my dad.

If you could spend one week in MY family, you might see things a little differently. You have no idea what he's been through over the last few years.

Posted by: Sam on March 16, 2006 09:47 PM

Glad he's feeling better. I think this guy is pinch-hitting for him in the crankiness and advice-giving departments:

Posted by: Cappy on March 16, 2006 10:19 PM

Ok I wasn't going to get into this, but I just can't stay out of it any longer. Meanie, you worthless coward, use your real name!

Even those of us that care about the old grouch have wondered whether he has been drinking or not. It's not our place to judge the man.

I can tell you this. When I spent a week with him in January, he was very adamant about remaining sober. He was also adamant about eating right, taking care of his health, and getting his life back on the right track.

He knows what his problems are and he will deal with them when he is ready.

Your tough love approach is not going to work with this man. Maybe if you weren't such a worthless coward, your words might actually have some meaning. But until you can identify yourself, just fuck off.

Posted by: livey on March 16, 2006 11:03 PM

I think the asshole, Meanie, is the BC.

And, Cappy... Dad Gone Mad is awesome!
He damned near made me snot Capt'n Crunch out my nose a little while ago.
It was the post about GQ and the male model who "looks like a Victorian chair covered in broccoli vomit..."

DGM is fuckin' nuts!

Posted by: Stevie on March 16, 2006 11:47 PM

Oh, and for the record...

I haven't wondered if Rob has been drinking again...
Maybe that makes me naive, but I'd be beyond shocked if he had been.

I just think that the ulcer was from when he was drinking back when. That, and all the unrelenting stress that no good cunt of an ex-wife of his keeps dumping on him.

GodDAMN, I detest that whore.
SHE'S the one who should be having alla this shit to deal with, not Rob...

Anyway... I don't think he's been drinking again.

Posted by: Stevie on March 16, 2006 11:53 PM

Well, somebody tell Rob that I'm prayin' for his recovery, both kinds. That ought to piss him off enough to get him home.

I'm just a newcomer in the AA program, I won't even have 21 years until August but, sorry Meanie, sober someone up and you don't have a saint, just somebody who isn't drinking.

The rule of thumb is that we shouldn't get married or divorced in the first year or so of sobriety. If there were a rule about never getting laid the only folks sober would be old farts like like I have become.

Posted by: Peter on March 17, 2006 02:22 AM

Thanks for the update, Sam...

Posted by: Lisa on March 17, 2006 05:59 AM

Thanks for the update Sam. Good to know the grouchy old cracker is going to be okay and is coming home soon. As for the troll, I was also thinking it was the BC or her latest victim,er boyfriend, since the first post. I don't know why, that was just my gut feeling.

As far as A-man's drinking, sure any alcoholic can fall off the wagon at any time but I don't think he has and neither do I think his trip was an excuse to hide some lapse in his determination to remain sober. He needed a break because his piece of shit ex is using their son as a pawn in some sick game and why should he give up the things he finds enjoyable just because he stopped drinking? I think it far more likely he exagerrated about getting laid than that he would lie about drinking.

And btw Ms. Meanie, I noticed he doesn't go to meetings anymore also but so what? Not everyone needs that kind of group support after the first few meetings. In fact of all the people I know who successfully quit drinking - only one found AA useful in maintaining sobriety. Most didn't. My good friend just celebrated her year anniversary of being sober and she did it without AA. Not only that she still goes to the bar all the time to socialize. That's where her friends are. She just swtiched to soda.

There's no doubt in my mind that Rob has been sober and is determined to keep it that way. This current problem is a very serious condition that often manifests suddenly. It was just an odd coincidence that it hit him while he was in CR.

Anyway, assuming the Acidman will be reading this thread before he posts anything else, welcome back big guy. Missed you like crazy.

Posted by: Libby on March 17, 2006 08:41 AM

Rob is like a Timex, he takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
(did I just date myself or what?)
Take care of yourself Rob and we look forward to your posts when you are feeling better.

Posted by: Maeve on March 17, 2006 10:40 AM


I've been saying forever that Rob reminds me of Lewis Grizzard in writing style, sense of humor and how much I love 'em both and you just used the title of Lewis' last book to describe Rob!

One thing that is better about Rob than Lewis is that Rob has outlived Mr. Grizzard by about a decade so far...

God, I miss Lewis.

Rock on, Rob...

Posted by: Stevie on March 17, 2006 11:14 AM

Oh for the love of gossip!
Here's the scoop people. Rob and I have been having a torrid love affair. We were supposed to go to Costa Rica together but had a lovers quarrel, so he flew off on his own. He posted that stuff about whoring to make me jealous. It worked.
Now I'm determined to club the old coot over the head and drag him off to be married.
There ya have it, put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Posted by: livey on March 17, 2006 12:36 PM

This is indeed good news! Sometimes its amazing how much can come of One Good Fart. Welcome back, your cracker bastard.

Posted by: JohnW on March 17, 2006 01:08 PM

Bet this isn't the first time he's had his tube out in a room full of nurses.

Posted by: Steve H. on March 17, 2006 01:30 PM

Great gopher gonads, Livey...

What brought that on?
Is somebody giving you shit again?
Is there someone's ass I can stomp for ya?

Posted by: Stevie on March 17, 2006 01:33 PM

Oh and I forgot to mention... his recent illness? The result of a spell I put on him. You know what they say about a woman scorned... Please don't hate me... I feel bad enough already! I didn't think it would work ... really!

Posted by: livey on March 17, 2006 03:21 PM

Lewis Grizzard unhinged!!
No wonder I like Rob's writing so much.
Rob we are wishing for a speedy recovery for you.

Posted by: marie on March 17, 2006 04:17 PM

I never realized why I liked Rob's blog so much...I think the Griazzard comparison hit the nail on the head!

Posted by: Steph on March 17, 2006 06:20 PM

OMG I had no idea who this Lewis Grizzrd was, but I read his biography and ya'll are right!

Posted by: livey on March 17, 2006 07:07 PM

I had to look to look up Grizzard as well, but after reading a couple of columns, I think "like Grizzard unhinged" is a great description.

Funny guy. I must be getting more southern. I understood the humor and it made me laugh.

Posted by: Libby on March 17, 2006 07:26 PM

Unfortunately, when alcoholics quit drinking, the physical effects from the drinking don't disappear so he could be (and I pray will be ) totally sober for the rest of his life and still have problems such as the ulcer. Hang in there!!

Posted by: maxnnr on March 17, 2006 08:58 PM

On March 20, 2006, I will observe the 30th Anniversary of when I quit drinking alcohol. If I could stay sober for that many years, I figure Acidman should be able to do the same!

PS the ONLY way to keep the web-crawling robots from harvesting your email address is to put in on the page as a graphic. No matter how you try to obfuscate the '@' etc, they just use regular expressions that can still extract the parts of the address and reconstruct it.

Posted by: Garry K on March 17, 2006 11:44 PM


A useful link for you when you get back:

Get well soon.

Posted by: Robert Worrill on March 18, 2006 03:35 AM

Lewis was wonderful... so funny, so honest... hell, he could even make ya cry, like when he sings "Grandma Willie's Backyard", a song he wrote about his childhood and would sometimes sing at the end of his comedy concerts.

He was a columnist for the Atlanta J&C for years.
He's got more books out there than I can even count and if you ever see a tape or CD of his stand-up stuff, most definitely grab it.

And, if you want to see how adorable he was, keep your eye on Designing Women" episodes. He played Julia and Suzanne's brother in one.

We lost a treasure when Lewis didn't make it through his last heart valve surgery, but thank God Almight we still have Rob.

Posted by: Stevie on March 18, 2006 06:38 AM

(almigh-TEE... *rolls eyes at self*)

Posted by: Stevie on March 18, 2006 06:40 AM
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