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February 17, 2006


Your Pimp Name Is...
Backdoor Kisses

I don't know about this. That guy looks kinda... light in the loafers, if ya get my drift. That "Backdoor Kisses" thing suggests some pretty disgusting stuff when you have a mind as polluted as mine.

Besides, he looks 'waaaay too interested in stroking his own nipples to suit me. I'll stroke female nipples every chance I get, but my own are NOT erogenous zones. All they do for me is hurt when the weather is cold. (Another reason I like living in the South.)

I regret taking this pissant test.


Light in the loafers? Nah. He's not that demure. Taking it straight in the ass. I'm told these tests are psychologically almost perfect. In fact, you can run from these tests, but you can't hide. Welcome to the bathhouse, Rob. Not that you'll see me there.

Posted by: Velociman on February 18, 2006 12:21 AM

Sorta resembles Burt Reynolds, eh?

Posted by: Michele on February 18, 2006 08:01 AM

I got "Scandalous Love"...hmmmm..

Posted by: Lisa on February 18, 2006 08:40 AM
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