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February 07, 2006

ass-alt weapon?

What's wrong with this picture?

It's either pure dumbassery, good photoshopping or the latest idea in trigger-locks.


Might NOT fire when the striker hits the hollowpoint?

Posted by: rightisright on February 7, 2006 08:06 PM

If it's not good photoshopping, it's one of those things that should end with "priceless"!

Posted by: Indigo on February 7, 2006 08:21 PM

Might work if you put the mag in backwards.
Nope, just tried it on my Model 92, doesn't work.

Posted by: Dan Pursel on February 7, 2006 08:47 PM

I believe it's real - those were brochures from the SHOT show a couple of years ago.

Posted by: Roger Ritter on February 7, 2006 08:50 PM

I have always been more or less of a wheelgun man. Still, in a lifetime of foolin' around with shootin' irons I can't recall ever being able to load a magazine with the cartridges backwards, they just wouldn't go.
Oh well, there are a lot of autoloaders I never handled. I shall grant the possibility.

Posted by: Peter on February 7, 2006 10:29 PM

H&K of all manufacturers. I'm shocked. It must be sabotage. Who could be that stupid? Probably some pansy little lefty photog did it for shits and giggles.

Posted by: Donger on February 7, 2006 10:37 PM

Peter, trust me--- about loading the bullets backward in a magazine... I uh..... did that.... I mean I TRIED that once just to see if it could be done.

It can.

Posted by: Acidman on February 7, 2006 11:06 PM

And Dan is correct--- the mag won't go in backward.

Posted by: Acidman on February 7, 2006 11:08 PM

Plus, it looks like a double stack mag, in a single stack grip.

Posted by: Bane on February 8, 2006 01:34 AM

Looks like someone at H-K caught it. The exact image (with the magazine cropped out) is on the H-K home page.


Posted by: USCitizen on February 8, 2006 11:35 AM

"it looks like a double stack mag, in a single stack grip."

That's a USP.
Double-stack mags are standard in all calibers.

Posted by: Joe Mama on February 8, 2006 03:05 PM

15 shouldn't have taken me that long to see it.

Posted by: Desert Cat on February 9, 2006 09:59 PM
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