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January 05, 2006

bwhahaha! a sad story

How could this possibly happen? The man is a lunatic FILLED with leftist bullshit compassion. HE'S not supposed to be robbed by street thugs! He CARES about such people.

"I have no animosities," Barry declared. "I don't even want you prosecuted, really. I love you..."

"There is a sort of an unwritten code in Washington, among the underworld and the hustlers and these other guys, that I am their friend..."

"When I go home in the evening or come out in the morning or weekend, the young people are all over me, asking for money, begging for money. 'Give me a dollar. Give me five dollars...' So I try to make a practice of making them work for what they get."

"I just let them in. That's how we do it over there. At least that's how I do it..."

"I was a little hurt that this betrayal did happen."

This story reminds me of something I heard years ago. A couple of young idealists were about to go swimming in a creek in Africa when someone warned them that the creek was full of crocodiles. "That's okay," one of the young idealists replied. "We're with the Peace Corps." They went swimming. Crocodiles killed and ate them.

I'll bet that they, too, were a little hurt that such a "betrayal" occurred.

Being in the Peace Corps doesn't mean jack-shit to a hungry crocodile. The croc will eat you anyway. Being a leftist politician doesn't mean jack-shit to a street thug. He will rob you anyway. That's just the way crocs and street thugs are, and no amount of compassion is EVER gonna change that fact.

Anybody who believes any differently is living in a dream world.


I see I'm not the only one who can't sleep. I think we just need more crocodiles. They prey indiscriminantly.

Posted by: Jim on January 5, 2006 04:17 AM

Amazing. After getting mugged, Marion "the bitch set me up" Barry still wants to grab everybody's gun.

Posted by: Dan on January 5, 2006 04:54 AM try and rob my ass I am gunna shoot it. No prosecution needed. But I would most certainly "feel animosity" towards the dead guy.

Posted by: Steph on January 5, 2006 06:27 AM

Ended up here via the Daily Snooze.
First time I ever found anyone else who had heard of let alone liked John Prine. Amazin

Posted by: Marianne on January 5, 2006 06:36 AM

I long ago dismissed the notion that liberals possess compassion. How could they when it's apparent they never see the potential in others when they insist on subsidizing, rather than freeing people to elevate themselves? Under the best of circumstances, liberals don't appear to be logical about much of anything, when in fact they are simply self-serving. I believe Barry is thinking and is much more likely to be using his approach to the robbery as a way of positioning himself for leniency at his own hearing on the tax matter.

Forgiveness is one thing...asking for leniency for someone who'd rob you at gunpoint is quite another, since only when justice rules first is mercy possible. If we did give Barry the benefit of the doubt, he's still stupid. I'm also certain Barry's response would have been the same had it been two white boys, since he has such empathy. Ooops! Please disregard that last statement. That goes under the 'dream world' category.

Posted by: Tessa on January 5, 2006 11:05 AM

Little bastards probably got his coke, too.

Posted by: Chris on January 5, 2006 11:35 AM

"Compassion" in the Liberal Dictionary means "making myself feel good".

"Torture" in the Liberal Dictionary means "anything which makes me feel uncomfortable". Thinking, therefore, tops the list of "tortures".

Posted by: Ga-ne-sha on January 5, 2006 01:29 PM

Your croc story happened. Only, it was with love bunnies the size of bears. You might want to Google up the story on the photo-journalist and his girlfriend that ended up feeding his subjects, so to speak. His name was Tim Treadwell.... Oh heck. I just gave away the ending.
Have fun,

Posted by: Woody on January 5, 2006 02:46 PM
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