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November 06, 2005

Victor's Secret

I have been terribly remiss in my duties as a guest-blogger for poor Uncle Robert. I do apologize; it seems that every time I try to reach out and do something good for someone else, Life just squats and places a massive dump right on my plate. Of course, the cleanup is dreadful, and it stinks for a while, but hey. It is what it is.

In order to provide the 3,500 of you who visit here on a daily basis with entertainment, and knowing that at least 3,465 of you don't peruse my site (and will not, therefore, be bored to tears by another rerun), I shall take the liberty of posting another of my foul old stories. I hope you enjoy it.


My husband and I were watching Ed Wood on HBO the other night. In case you haven't seen the film, it's the story of a spectacularly unsuccessful cross-dressing 50's B-movie director, and his touching relationship with the smack-addicted and washed up Bela Lugosi. It's an okay film - Tim Burton, you know - but really nothing to write home about. We'd seen it before, so I wasn't so much watching as using the background noise as a distraction from the mundane task of folding laundry.

"God, what a bitch," intoned my sensitive new-age spouse. We'd just hit the scene where Ed reveals his angora fetish to his long-time girlfriend and she rejects him. "You'd think if she loved him, she could put up with a little weirdness," he said.

I glanced at the TV - Sarah Jessica Parker having a horsefaced meltdown over her boyfriend's secret tranny leanings - then turned to face my husband. "Putting up with 'weirdness' is one thing," I said. "Expecting a lady to be able to work up a good wet for a hairy-chested bugger who's wearing her panties is another thing entirely."

My husband gave me that disapproving look, that "my, aren't we intolerant today," glare.

I take crap from his loving, giving, kum-ba-yah ass over shit like this all the time and I was having none of it at the moment. I replied, in a cutting tone, "Well, have you ever tried to bone a dude who was wearing your unmentionables? No - never mind, I don't want to know. It would be a total dealbreaker if you had, and I have no desire to be a single mother. Suffice it to say that I have tried it, and it ain't just a matter of acceptance. It's a visceral thing, man."

Of course, this led to the story, which my husband swore he'd never heard before. I know that I told him about this incident, during the sixteen-hour debriefing I insisted he attend prior to my becoming his wife. (I didn't want any messy comebacks on the merger, so he had a forced "full discovery" session before we even started planning the wedding. Hey, you've read my history - some of the milder events, anyway - can you blame me?)

See, back in the early nineties, your Queenie had a brief brush with this very issue. A bona-fide Rock Star and I ended up posing for a photo-shoot together, landing my "elegant" mug in a fanzine; surprisingly tasteful and non-pornographic black-and-white work. Quite nice, actually. The Rock Star was himself gay as Christmas, but the photographer - a big, strapping Irishman with a twinkle in his eye - caught my fancy, so I took him home with me after the shoot.

We had a lovely evening. Dinner, coffee, chocolate, wine, reefer, and the midnight hour found us locked in a sweaty clench on my down comforter, making out.

"Queenie," he said.

"Mmm," I replied.

"Queenie, I' a favor to ask." His tone was deadly serious.

I opened my eyes, I couldn't imagine what would break a man's concentration at a moment like this, so I sat up, brushing my hair out of my eyelashes and wiping my chin with the back of my hand. "This sounds like a big deal, sweetie...what's the matter?" I asked.

He took a deep gulp of air, and came out with it. "I...I like to wear women's underwear when I'm...with a girl. Could I...can I...wear something of yours?"

I must admit, this took me rather aback. Not something you hear every day, that - especially from a muscled-up man's man known to smoke cigars, drink Scotch, and get in fistfights. I just sat there for a minute, a little shocked. What was the etiquette for such a situation? Would a polite hostess offer him her bra, or was his request straining the bounds of traditional hospitality? I didn't know, and I didn't have time to consult Emily Post. But - what the hell. I'd never tried it before, it sounded kinky and so was I, so...what did I have to lose?

In a bound, I was out of bed and over at my chest of drawers. From its recesses I drew out Something Special, a hot pink longline bra that had been encrusted with rhinestones and decked out with a large, gold, faux-gemstone cross hung right between the knocker cups - part of an old Halloween costume. I tossed it at him, watching his eyes light up and his member strain at his boxers as he caught it. "Whoa!" he said. "This is a lot better than anything I expected!"

He took the lingerie to the bathroom, and I got under the covers to consider the situation. I came to no conclusions, and pretty soon, he re-emerged, wearing nothing but my longline bra. He grinned a devilish grin, and pounced me. "Naaa, lassie," he said. "Now you've made old Seamus a happy man."

He kissed me, a deep, lingering, virile kiss...and I burst out laughing. I couldn't help it. The sight of his skinny, hairy chest with my 36DD's gaping open over it...what can I say? I am a cunt.

Seamus froze, and drew back. "What's the matter, love?" he asked.

"Nothing. Sorry." I said, stifling another chortle. He smiled, and leaned back in.

A few minutes later, and I had reached my limit. I just couldn't do it. Any vestige of arousal was gone, and I was forcing myself to continue. Not any fun at all. I pulled my mouth away from his, and sat up in bed again.

"Seamus, honey. I...can't get into this. I'm sorry. I really like you, and I think you're handsome and manly and a helluva guy (cough)...I just can't get past (giggle) the underwear thing. It's not that...I'm being judgemental (snicker) or anything...I think whatever, um, turns your crank for you is just fine. I just can't do it. I'm sorry. It's me...not,"

After talking it out like gentlemen, Seamus and I parted on amicable terms - especially amicable since, instead of making the beast with two backs, we went through my closet together. I gave him piles of my old stuff - sweaters, skirts, panties, bras, garter belts, stockings. He left with two full garbage bags of "playclothes", Seamus did, and I gained valuable closet-space. We became good friends in the end, and he did more photographs of me over the years than Carter's has Pills.

I closed the door behind him as he left, and I felt melancholy, but wiser - I really had liked the guy, and it was a shame - but I understood more about myself, gained a deeper insight into my inner motivations. I'd come to an important realization that was to serve me well in later years - hairy Irishmen with boners in women's underwear are a turnoff for Queenie.

Hey, it's a personal tic. Is that so wrong?


Shit Queenie! I know an Irish photog. I'll not mention his name, but, I wonder...................

................nah! - The world ain't THAT it?

Posted by: James Hooker on November 6, 2005 11:02 PM

As a man, I have to draw the line at the strap-on.

I mean, a dude's gotta have his limits.

Posted by: rightisright on November 6, 2005 11:09 PM

sadly, I understand, all too well.

Posted by: livey on November 7, 2005 12:01 AM

ahaaa queenie, i knew eventually we'd get to hear THAT story. you danced around for a while...

Posted by: pril on November 7, 2005 12:19 AM

...hey, you gotta live within your culture, he's stuck in his...too big a gulf to bridge with the schwantz at (his) hand.

Posted by: Rivrdog on November 7, 2005 01:26 AM

Loved that story! Very funny.

Posted by: JLY on November 7, 2005 10:15 AM

Hehe... you shoulda just booted his ass out as soon as he mentioned it. However, the experience provided for one hell of a funny story. I guess I'm just TOO hetero to understand all that crap.

Posted by: LC Corey on November 7, 2005 12:32 PM

"my, aren't we intolerant today," I know that look. I've seen it from my own husband... consequently, I also give him that look from time to time, it keeps us in check:)

Posted by: Danielle on November 7, 2005 01:46 PM

my neighbor had this experience -- while walking her dog, a man stopped and began to POUR ON the charm. --eventually he got to the point : "could I photograph your feet ?"

Posted by: adele on November 7, 2005 07:31 PM

OMG! Too funny but BEEN THERE DONE THAT and it's definitely NOT for me either. I want my partner in crime to be a MAN no wearing my panties or wanting any funny anal moves practiced on himself (or me for that matter.) I'm all for having fun and trying anything once but I had the same readtion...first a muted snicker and then an "Um, NO! Sorry I jsut can't do it"
So men, just know that you need to keep "those" naughty little interests to yourselves.
Most women want a man in their bed not a fawx "girlfriend"

Posted by: wouldn't you like to know on November 9, 2005 01:26 PM
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