Gut Rumbles

September 25, 2005

i forgot I wrote this

Some people take this blog-stuff entirely too seriously. I've known several individuals who just upped and quit after people wrote nasty comments and hateful emails to them about things that they wrote. The poor babies took their bat and ball and went home to pout.

I've had my share of nasty comments and hateful emails, but they never bothered me at all. I got over that broken-heart shit when I was in college and had my creative writing taken apart piece by piece in a classroom. I got another lesson by collecting hundreds of terse rejection slips for articles and short stories I submitted to damn near every address in The Writer's Market. I grew a cast iron ass from having my cheeks pounded by professionals. Some dipshit with a computer and a poor opinion of me doesn't register on my radar screens.

I don't expect everybody to agree with what I write, or I wouldn't call myself "Acidman." Sometimes I DELIBERATELY pen screeds just to see how many people I CAN piss off. I'm outrageous sometimes. But it's MY goddam blog, and I can do whatever I want with it.

People who have followed GUT RUMBLES for a while know that this blog probably saved my life. As my friend Willy said today, as we drank Bloody Marys around his swimming pool and judged a competitive diving contest between three young boys, "You've come a long way in a year, Rob."

Yes, I have. That's why I'll NEVER quit blogging.

I want to thank erica for exploring my archives and reminding me of something far in the past.

(Septemeber 7, 2002)


I love your "blog" It reminds me to not spend so much time in front of a computer. Personally, I think you're full of shit. But funny - used to be.

Posted by: 2far2care on September 25, 2005 01:59 AM

I hope you never quit blogging, your blog is the first place I go every night! I am so much like you , I can't believe it. Im just not an english major, hell I didn't even finish high school. Murry

Posted by: Murry on September 26, 2005 12:28 AM
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