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September 09, 2005

the $2,000 debit card

This was a fucking brilliant idea brain-farted by someone who should know better. I almost wish that the government didn't cancel the program. If they don't throw the money away on this asinine idea, they'll just find another one and throw it away there.

GIVE THE VICTIMS the "free" money, but collect the recipts to see where the money went. As I've said before--- I'm a gambling man. I also know people. I'll even give you odds that most of the money is NOT spent on food or shelter. More probably would go for lottery tickets and cheap liquor.

If those people gave a shit about food and shelter, they wouldn't be where they are right now. If they gave a shit about themselves, they wouldn't be whining to the government right now. If you give them $2,000, they'll run through it like Sherman went through Georgia and probably have NOTHING to show for it, except another outstretched hand, when the money is gone.

Kiss my Cracker ass.

I really believe that it is DIFFICULT to be "poor" in this country today. You've got to TRY HARD to be poor. (I still remember that film I saw on CNN several years ago when welfare reform was coming down the pike. Some fat black woman screamed to the crowd "I work HAAARRRD for my welfare check!!!" and everybody applauded her.)

How do you "work hard" for a welfare check? How do you manage to weigh 300 pounds when you're "starving?" And why is it MY job to take care of YOUR sorry ass?

Get an education. Learn a work ethic. Don't have children unless you can afford to raise them yourself. Eat cheap and live cheap while you save some money. Know what your kids are doing every day.

That's tough stuff, isn't it?

It damn sure must be, because a lot of people can't do it.


LOL A-man. You should have been a sniper. You hit the mark more often than not.

Posted by: marcl on September 9, 2005 08:43 PM

This is a remarkable post... I have never seen anyone blame the victims the way that you just did. You assume that these are people who collect welfare and regard them as parasites. Another view might be that they are gainfully employed parents of young children who no longer have employment because their workplaces are under eight feet of water.

Is it even remotely possible that a couple of grand to buy some clothes or pay a cell phone bill might help them obtain work in whatever city they were were dropped in. They might also use the money for transportation to an area where they have family or better prospects.

Has it occurrred to you that many thousands of gainfully employed taxpaying homeowners are now without homes or businesses. I work hard running a small business and I'll tell you something -- if my business and house flood on the same day I'm in a world of shit. If every branch of my bank, store with a cash machine and every gas station for three hundred miles is also flooded, I'm going to get pretty hungry, pretty quick.

Two grand might just barely be enough for me too gas up the car, buy my kids some food and throw down some money on a shithole apartment while I figure out what I'm going to do now that everything my life depended on is gone.

"Those" people are American citizens and it is incredibly odd that you would begrudge them $2000 dollars considering they have lost absolutely everything.

Posted by: Frank R. on September 9, 2005 09:02 PM

The way I read it the people who need it can still apply for aid just as the victims of Charly and the others that hit Florida did last year. I have no doubt that the second thoughts came because of the very resons you mention. I also have no doubt that drug dealers were already setting up bank accounts and buying credit card machines so they could cash in on the 2,000 buck a head give away.

I don't begrudge those in need from such a disaster a handout and a handup. But I do begrude my tax dollars going to help a druggie maintain a habit. I do begrudge my tax dollar going to support those who can't even spell work place let alone seek one. One thing for damn sure-there will be plenty of work to be had when they start rebuilding areas hit and a big portion of it is going to be labor that doesn't take a lot of skill. But I bet there will still be a lot of people lined up at the welfare office for food stamps.

Posted by: GUYK on September 9, 2005 09:23 PM

I agree with Frank R.

The people who stayed in Nawlins are hard working folk who have never taken a gubbmint handout in their lives.


Posted by: rightisright on September 9, 2005 09:45 PM

Yeah, the same people refusing to leave will be screaming, "NO ONE WILL HELP US!! It's BUSH'S FAULT!!!" when disease and starvation hits them.

I lived in New Orleans and about 1/2 of the population is welfare scum. Women with 5 or more children who won't work and who DO live off welfare. HOW THE HELL are you going to have 5 kids and keep having more when you're poor? But it's everyone elses fault.

For Frank R. and those who agree with him:

All you know are the "victims" you see on TV. You've never seen the real side of these people. Yes, I'm sorry they've lost everything, but these people are complaing about the food given to them!!!

Poor Poor people. Nothing is good enough though.

Too many are ungrateful, racist people in that city and even I NEVER KNEW from living there the ungratefulness of many of them.

Posted by: John on September 9, 2005 11:19 PM

There are only THREE things necessary to avoid being poor.

1. Graduate from High School.
2. Do not have children until you are married.
3. Do not marry until you are over 21.

I want some liberal asshat to explain to me why those three things are so fucking difficult.

Posted by: Gerry N. on September 9, 2005 11:58 PM

Yeah, I never understood the "breeder" mentality. Gee, I don't know why I keep getting pregnant. There must be something in the air! Yeah, lady. YOUR LEGS.

Posted by: Joni on September 10, 2005 12:00 AM

Amen brotha, and I'm FROM Nawlins!
Lemmie preface my un-adulterated opinion by saying; While it may sound like it, I'm no racist. I've traveled all over the world, and met African Americans that are hard-working, educated people. But, after 40 years of LIVING in and around those areas, I KNOW of which I speak.
The over-whelming majority of those "displaced citizens" are food-stamp lovin, welfare check collectin', lazy, good-for-nothing, ('scuse mah French ) niggas. Yea, I said it. Niggas. And I'll say it again......niggas! There IS a difference.
I LIVED in the St. Thomas housing project as a child....... while my father was going to medical school! Hello! Get an education! It IS possible even when living in poverty! Shit.....I memba eatin military K-rats!
After 8 straight days of profound GRIEF over the relative demise of my beloved city, I found a bit of amusement in the idea of so many welcoming these "displaced citizens" with open arms, and above all , the offer of jobs. LMAO! Jobs??? You gotta be kiddin me?!
I can just hear "Shamika"....."Job fair? Wut dat be? Work????? I can't gets no job! I gots me 9 kids to take care of! Where's da welfare office? I needs mah check!"
Nuff said.

Posted by: Toni on September 10, 2005 12:03 AM

I haven't heard anyone use the 'N' word in a serious manner for the past five years. This week after the racist Je$$ie, $harpton and others have resumed the 'po ole me' BS i've head a dozen people say to put a bone in their nose and send the stupid N****** back to Africa. I guess if they want to start a racial war they are on their way. Who do you think will lose this one. I think it will be the poor blacks. Je&&ie, $harpton and the other assorted racist nuts are only looking for a way to get their hand in the money pot and they could care less about the victims of the hurricane. They can't stand the thought of some other black getting something they can con out of the government. Wonder why the donations will drop in the next few weeks, look around.
Someone find out how much the so called Hollywood elite let go to charity , and how much each of them charge for their performance. Last time they did this ole hook nose Barbara Stringbean demanded and got a private jet and thousands of dollars. They don't care anything about anyone, just another way to get in front of a camera and rip off someone for more money.

Posted by: scrapiron on September 10, 2005 12:07 AM

I'm not sure I understand which side that u take, but then again, I've partaken of the amber liquid so forgive me if I misunderstand your position.
Let me re-assure u....I have the utmost worry for the elderly, medically impared, etc.....Imma paramedic for cryin out loud! But, I know what I see!
I don't want to send anyone "back to Africa"! I DO want them to assume benefitial, working, positions within society.
I used the "N" word for emphasis.
"Poor blacks"?????
ANYONE, and everyone is afforded the chance to "make it" in this country. It takes effort! Time! Sacrifice! NO ONE gave my father a dime, and more importantly, he never ASKED.
As for the racial card.......
The Chief of police is BLACK!

Posted by: Toni on September 10, 2005 12:31 AM

I've read that by the time all is said and done, there will be about $200,000 spent per "refugee" Is it some blog bullshit? I don't know, but our brave politicos are in the biggest CYA mode I've ever seen. April 15th. makes me ill and next year won't be any different.

Posted by: MM on September 10, 2005 01:13 AM

"If you give them $2,000, they'll run through it like Sherman went through Georgia and probably have NOTHING to show for it, except another outstretched hand, when the money is gone."

It was your brilliant fucking President G.W. Bush that came up with the idea to cut through the red tape hampering victims from claiming federal medical, food and housing benefits by handing out an initial 7,000 debit cards worth $2,000 each. This amounts to a total of $14 million in direct aid to simply keep some of our own American people alive. And this is so outrageously unfair to you idiot fucks on here, but it is perfectly okay that $8.8 BILLION of the initial $18.6 BILLION U.S. taxpayer dollars in reconstruction money for Iraq is unaccounted for and is most likely in the pockets of corrupt goverment contractors like Halliburton. Why would I give a shit in hell about helping the fucking Iraqi's or the crooked-ass contractors more than I would poor, disabled, elderly American citizens that couldn't afford to stock up, or even to leave town when a hurricane hits and turns their lives upside down? Get off your fucking high horse and wake up to the fact that Bush's gotdam rich ass corporate cronies are bellying up to the public trough for far more taxpayer dollars in this country than some poor blacks ever could in a lifetime on welfare.

Posted by: G. Ritter on September 10, 2005 04:27 AM

OOOOOHHHHHH Halliburton. Evil. You fucking asswipes make me sick with your constant harping on W and his" corrupt oil buddies". It seems like no matter what issue we try to talk about, all you creeps know is the same two step. Bush is either a stupid president that is controlled by Rove or he's an evil genius. making all his skull and crossbone buddies rich. Make up your effing minds.

There comes a point when when you sit back and say some people are never grateful, think they are owed a living, and their bad decisions and actions should be excused because the poverty pimps have told them so. I, for one, am sick of it.

I didn't have the benefit of a father to put a boot in my ass but I sure as hell knew not to have children until I could afford them. And I damn sure knew that no one owed me jack and so I have worked and worked hard all my life. If I can, anyone can. When you stupid liberals stop making excuses for these people and call them on their behavior, this shit will stop. Until than, your "compassion" is just enabling them. What part of that don't you understand?

Posted by: MM on September 10, 2005 09:19 AM

There's nothing just about giving away $2000 debit cards, to anyone. I frankly think its irrelevant who recieves the 50 billion dollars of aid going down there, its the same coercive redistributionist action. The initial taxation is theft, where it goes after that isn't going to make the process any more just.

G. Ritter, you somewhat concieve the idea that its more sensical to attack larger redistributionist projects, but he is way off the mark. Social Security is the greatest travesty followed by Medicare, then Iraq if you include all its costs. But your foolish to defend public services, personal charity and private investment that will recover the area, not stolen money.

MM, I don't care if someone decides not to work at all, just so long as they don't coerce other people for a living or recieve government funds. The purpose of destroying welfare is to destroy welfare, not to lessen the number of non-working people as you suggest. Its not possible for government, of all inept institutions, to solely redistribute money to the "hardworking" or to those who would not use that money to coerce others. The only guarantee against that is to eliminate taxation.

Posted by: Social minarchist on September 10, 2005 12:08 PM

My house burned down 15 years ago and I lost everything I owned. No one gave me a god damn thing. Probably because I'm white. I'm sure I saw Jesse Jackson start the fire too.

Posted by: Robert on September 10, 2005 01:47 PM

I was just watching an interview of a fucking worthless nigger on FOX news. Yes, that is what he is and there are 90% of them that do not deserve to be called anything else. They gave them $2,000 of our money and the stupid idiots are now demanding $20,000. Someone drag the idiot Je$$ie and &harpton out and stomp them into the slime in N.O. , a little more contamination won't hurt. Trying to tell us that people who are 90% on wefare are taxpayers. Give me a break.

Posted by: scrapiron on September 10, 2005 03:13 PM

give them all guns and lock the doors to the astrodome for a few days. Problem solved

Posted by: Robert on September 10, 2005 05:01 PM

scrap, if you said lazy bum, worthless ass, you might, just might, have had an argument, but by using the n-word, you're saying they're in their position not because they're lazy, not because the government's subsidizing their lifestyle, but because they're black, and, thus, all you have proven is that you're a racist jerk.

Soc min, jb, yea, great idea, lets do away with the government, what do we need them for anyway? Justice, defense, education? nah. I'm sure we would've taken care of the great depression, WWII, and the soviets all by ourselves, infact, the government probably caused those problems, and if you just give everybody a gun I'm sure no-ones rights will be violated. Yea, getting rid of the organization trying to solve all our problems is probably the greatest solution of all.

Posted by: William on September 10, 2005 06:38 PM

I saw the same interview as Scrap saw. This guy wanted $20,000 because "we was brought here on slave buses jes like the slave ships..." The racist, pity me, give me rant went on and on. They let him rant for a while until he dropped the F-bomb. I don't recall him asking for a job though.

His antecedents may have been slaves but this goldbrick hasn't done a lick of work since.

Posted by: StinKerr on September 10, 2005 07:05 PM

"Life's hard. It's really hard when you're stupid."---John Wayne

Posted by: Bouncer on September 10, 2005 11:44 PM


Did you mean to say something? Or were you merely anxious to use your keyboard?

Soc Min and I made specific points. Your defense of government providing "services" on the basis of the extortion of taxes, and defended with the barrel of a rifle or a jail cell if you oppose them, ought to wake you and other up to the fact that "America" as constitutionally intended is a very distant memory.

You are defending government policy. I really cannot say much to that. I never took Lemming 101, so you do have it over on me.

Posted by: jb on September 11, 2005 01:36 AM

Was listening to talk radio the other day when an employee of an electronics store phoned in to say that someone had just presented her one of these 2,000. debit cards to purchase a new Playstation and a stack of DVDs. I would never begrudge any of these people any of the necessities of life, but the fact that they can buy a f@#$ing Playstation with it makes me want to vomit.

Posted by: Suz on September 11, 2005 12:49 PM

jb, your point consisted of "abolish taxation because you're taking my money and not redistributing it equally". Correct?

My point is that abolishing taxation would destroy the government and that would be insanely stupid seeing the many valuable services the government provides and has provided. If you could perhaps prove that we could do without justice, defense, and liberties, then perhaps I would respect your argument. Or you could circumvent me, and go to someplace like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where they already don't have any of that.

"defended with the barrel of a rifle or a jail cell if you oppose them"

Really? Are you then typing this from a jail cell? Or do you merely not oppose them? Just because nobody else buys your case and you're too lazy to take action to redress your woes does not mean the opposition is using force to suppress you. You could just be wrong.

Posted by: William on September 11, 2005 08:44 PM

William, just don't pay your property taxes (if a shitass such as you owns any property) or don't pay your income taxes (if a shitass such as you earns any income). See what happens.

This is one rare occasion where I agree with JB. You don't own ANYTHING in this country. You rent it from the government. And if you don't pay, government WILL take it with a gun pointed at your head.

If you don't believe that fact, dreamer, just try it on for size.

Posted by: Acidman on September 11, 2005 10:03 PM

True, it's a steep price, but I still say it's worth it. Not like I'd pass by any opportunities to wean it down, but given the choice between taxes and no taxes, thus government and no government, I pick taxes.

Posted by: William on September 12, 2005 10:48 PM
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