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August 15, 2005

my aching ass

This shit-drivel is what passes for "wisdom" today. And YEAH! I AM in a crappy mood. But this is an example of incredible stupidity:

A year in prison is insane by the way but I say fine the hell out of em.

The health of others apparently is the last thing on a smokers mind. Lighting up right outside the door gives me no place to run. See I usually avoid smokers like the plauge. I don't go where people smoke. I don't hang out with smokers. If someone near me is smoking I move away. I think that's pretty damn nice of me. But lighting up outside the door as I'm walking out? Or smoking right outside the door? It gives me no way to get away.

And I'd like to keep myself healthy. If people want to kill themselves go for it but as far as my doctor says I'm in perfect health and I intend to keep it that way. So fine them.

Posted by Pamala at August 15, 2005 07:05 PM

Pamela, I MEAN to insult you when I say that you have the brain of a chicken. You are a dumb-fuck of a woman. People like YOU are what's wrong with this country today. Somebody smoking a cigraette 25 feet away from you is endangering your health? You're out of your fucking mind.

Look up the word "freedom" in the dictionary. Never mind. Don't bother. It wouldn't make any sense to YOU anyway.

But that's what wimmen typically do. They get all hormonal, develop the vapors and hyperventilate when they see something they don't like, no matter HOW fucking crazy it may seem to innocent bystanders.

Second-hand smoke is NOT a health hazard. A lot of government-types have tried to prove that it IS, as a way to justify more intrusion into the "rights" we have as Americans, but they've never been able to do so. That's because the proof doesn't exist.

The facts don't stop YOU, though, do they? Government LOVES people like you. Just say "Baaaa" and join the line of sheeple. It's for your own "safety."

Got-dam! The day somebody demands that I behave like Pamala is the day some government troop is gonna have to shoot me in the back as I run away. And THEN they can pry my cigarettes from my cold, dead hand.

You dumb-fuck cunts never should have been allowed to vote. Why don't YOU go stand in a ditch along with that Cindy-what's-her-ass maniac. You'd make a good couple.

Bejus! The 19th amendment was a bad idea.


Health hazard or not, nobody can deny that cigarettes and the people who smoke them stink like a sack full of assholes.....

That said, this is just one more example of lunatic lawmakers trying to make lunatic laws.

Posted by: unmisinformed on August 15, 2005 08:06 PM

Too bad Pamala's parents didn't know how to spell. I'd feel sorry for the bitch, but what's the point?

Posted by: Hank on August 15, 2005 08:10 PM

Help! I'm dying of the plauge!

Posted by: Horrabin on August 15, 2005 08:14 PM

Bejus! The 19th amendment was a bad idea.

I second that motion. It's time we start draggin em around by their hair again. Any of em who's hair is short to draggem with, gets clubbed like a baby seal as a warning to the others.They've had it so good for so long, they've forgotten the bad old days. What goes around...

unmisinformed..."stink like a sack full of assholes"...that's priceless. I'm stealin it. And it's so damn true. Fuck health, I just don't wanna smell like I was burnin dead skunks upwind of a burn barrel.

Posted by: Bane on August 15, 2005 08:16 PM

You keep saying that second hand smoke is harmless -- would you mind pointing to a credible source? I'm curious about how something that has become 'common knowledge' is 180 degrees wrong. Google isn't all that helpful -- it seems the non-smoking advocates cite all sorts of NCI and independent studies while the smokers rights people are reliant upon the 1998 WHO study ( you know, the one that admits that due to the small sample size the margin of error is 'significant').

Still, putting aside the health issues, what about common courtesy? I don't see why non-smokers should be burdened by the habits of others, even if it won't kill you second hand still stinks and I'm tired of paying for dry cleaning because smokers can't control their addiction and just wait until they are outside. I'm not questioning your right to do what you will with your own body, I'm questioning your right to inflict your decisions on others. Do you enjoy being seated on a plane next to some guy who has forgotten what soap is?

That said, restricting smoking outdoors is just stupid. Someone bothered could always move downwind or walk away and my suggestion to your reader would be to hold her breath and walk a little faster. It's smoke, not radioactive fallout.

Posted by: Zappatista on August 15, 2005 08:28 PM

I doubt a smoker would worry Bush much

But Sheehan sure has him acting like a pussy.


Posted by: jb on August 15, 2005 08:50 PM

Spoken like a true "sack full of assholes", jb. AND totally off subject.

Posted by: Hugh G Rection on August 15, 2005 09:00 PM

"Second-hand smoke is NOT a health hazard."

That's sophistry. The health effects of SHS are extremely HARD to quantify. Just because there hasn't been a thorough study (the EPA one was bullshit) to prove there are deleterious effects, does NOT mean they aren't there.

As I pointed out before, children of smokers have higher rates of asthma. Also, SHS CAN trigger acute attacks in asthmatics.

I do, however, agree with you wholeheartedly about the gummint overstepping its bounds (once again, I needlessly add) on this issue.

Most smokers are self-righteous when it comes to smoking around others. "It's my RIGHT to smoke wherever and whenever I want." OK, then it's my RIGHT to walk over to you and blast a fetid Mexican Lunch Fart right in your face.

After all, no studies have proven Mexican Lunch Farts are deleterious to your health, have they?

Posted by: rightisright on August 15, 2005 09:19 PM

The EPA, in 1993, announced that second hand smoke was responsible for 3,000 lung cancer deaths per year. (and hundreds of thousands of problems with respiratory health) In 1994 the EPA, based on data from 11 studies, gave second hand smoke a risk factor 1.2. A risk factor of below 3 is too low to force the EPA into action or be published as a carcinogen in major medical magazines. So what did the EPA do? They lowered the limit of what constitutes a carcinogen (even though there isn't any statistical correlation at that low a level)

In 1998 a federal judge ruled that the EPA "commited to a conclusion before research had even begun" and "disregarded information and made findings on selective information". Of course EPA commish Carol Browner, being a good little kool-aid drinker when it comes to "consensus" science, had a wonderful response....Oh we stand by our science...oh there's tons of aggreement...the American people recogonize the hazards of SHS.

The only problems are...
science, true science, isn't ruled by consensus, it's ruled by varifiable and reproducible results.

And, the consensus was based on bad info to begin know...garbage in, garbage out.

Posted by: toddk on August 15, 2005 09:21 PM

I don't smoke around non-smokers. That's a matter of courtesy, not a health concern.

But I once has a woman visit MY house and snatch a cigarette from my hand. She stubbed it out in an ashtray and said , "You're trying to kill me!"

No, I wasn't trying to kill her. But I DID throw her bitching ass out of my house when she did that. I wasn't polite about it, either. I told her AND her pussy-whipped husband to GIT and GIT NOW!!!

Who the fuck died and made anti-smokers God? NOBODY comes into MY house and tells me what to do.

Posted by: Acidman on August 15, 2005 09:51 PM

"That's sophistry. The health effects of SHS are extremely HARD to quantify. Just because there hasn't been a thorough study (the EPA one was bullshit) to prove there are deleterious effects, does NOT mean they aren't there."

although acidman certainly needs no help from me, I am having a hard time with this logic. Does this mean that just because no
one has proven there is no tooth fairy that does not mean there is not a tooth fairy?

I'm missing something here and am totally confused not. I guess you are saying altghough it doesn't look like bullshit, or smell like bullshit or taste like bullshit, it is still bullshit if you say it is bullshit and I am saying it is bullshit.

Posted by: GUYK on August 15, 2005 09:54 PM

Huge Wrecktion . . . You are a governmental shill, and you do it for free. But I gotta admit you have a cute posting name . . . feeling inadequate tonight? Need to bolster your ego?

Bush is still a pussy--"Fraid of the babe in his front yard," and you calling me names can't change it one whit. Now there's a mindless groupie--shit--Rob . . .get pissed at him--I mean--that kind of thinking really minimizes your site. He's more worried about smokers' wars than the real thing--killing real American kids for the Bush Oil Kingdom.

Oops . . . that will draw some fire--not much study--but lots of fire--then again, less fire than American soldiers are facing for Bush's Bubble-headed war!

But wait, please--W is a republican and we have had those nasty ole democrats for so long and, and, and, well, gee . . . it's all Bill's fault and . . . .

Why Bush does what Lincoln did? Because we think somehow if we just find the right politician, he will lead us to eternal political glory. Shit, you guys are worse than the most fundamental fundamentalists! LOL

And Rob--don't chastize someone else about government--cause government LOVES SOMEONE LIKE YOU MORE THAN ANYONE else--because you WILL vote to send other peoples' kids to die in another fucking useless war.

I'll bet you think you are defending us against those nasty ISLAMOFACISTS, right?

Go learn what fascist means, wizard. ISLAMO does not merge well. However, those on our side of the pond seeking war contracts . . . they fit like stem cells of profit!

After that, work up the ladder to "representative republic," and then . . .


Or retake a course in Civics to go along with your history lessons you have been giving of late.

Pop that in your pipe and smoke it--at least 25 feet away, of course. If government can do wars, it knows smoking, too. So why the bitch about either, right?

Just smoke 25 feet away from Army recruiters and all is well.


Posted by: jb on August 15, 2005 09:59 PM

Fuck! jb is now going to write for both him and pajamas......shit

Posted by: gravdigr on August 15, 2005 10:17 PM

Let me break it down for you, GuyK.

Mr. Acidman commited an argumentum ad ignorantiam when he stated, "Second-hand smoke is NOT a health hazard."

In simple terms, he argued that something must be true, simply because it hasn't been proven to be false.

Posted by: rightisright on August 15, 2005 10:25 PM

Geez.....who peed in your Cheerios this morning? All this nasty hateful talk is bringing me down people!

Posted by: Suz on August 15, 2005 10:36 PM

Pamela thinks she's in perfect health? I got news for this little lady -- no one's in perfect health. That's just some bs invented by doctors to fill your head with anxiety about your health, because deep down inside we know we are all mortal and that our bodies are slowly rotting, but the medical industry whispers in our ear "you're in perfect health -- now -- but only if you continue to follow our instructions to the letter, visit us once a month, take ten different overpriced pills, or just throw us sacks of money." Oh yeah -- don't forget "make sure you piss off everyone around you so they won't come near you -- they might get a germ on you or worse, distract you with a social life so you won't come see us with your checkbook handy..."

Posted by: Andrea Harris on August 15, 2005 11:06 PM

Damn, people. I just hold my breath. It's not that far to walk to be "out of range"...

Posted by: Cythen on August 15, 2005 11:23 PM

That woman was totally out of line in your home. It is YOUR home. If you smoke and I'm invited to your home, I put up with it. A few hours will NOT kill me.
If you are in my home, I provide a lovely spot on my patio with ashtrays for you to smoke. And I will keep you company while you smoke there.

Posted by: Maeve on August 15, 2005 11:25 PM

First off Asshat learn to read. Cause apparently you can't. Well you probably chose to see what you want. Someone smoking 25 feet away from me is not a problem. If you read my comment again, I said someone smoking right outside the door is a problem. So 25 feet is a great rule to prevent the door smoking, which happens typically when it's raining. I could care less if someone was that far away from me. I wouldn't even notice it. What I do notice is walking through a cloud of smoke as I walk out the door.

But you want to be a jackass and so be it. But I'm not the bitter old man who's too much of a pussy to fight for his son. And I'll say it and you'll have a hissy fit or some of your "followers" will harass me but you've abondoned your son. And don't blame it on your ex. I believe shes a bitch but you could fight ten times harder for him but you just bitch and moan like a girl about it.

Want to know the truth? You're a backwards redneck who hates women because you can't preform anymore. Well look at yourself before you go off on others. You uneducated old bitch.

Posted by: Pamala on August 15, 2005 11:27 PM

I smoke, I have for a lot of years. It's killing me. Legal crack, I call it. I have to quit, no doubt about it. I avoid smoking around non-smokers, I appreciate how it smells "Like a sack full of assholes". I'm sure you appreciate all of the roads that we're paving, and social programs that we're paying for out of the outrageous taxes we pay on cigarettes. Hell, I'm putting your kids through school, 'cause "Health Care Costs of smokers" is another fucking lie propagated by the Dems that love all of that tax money. The vast majority of smokers drop dead of heart attacks long before lung cancer sets in. Oh yeah, I have health insurance too, so don't worry about your pocket-book.

Sucking in big lung-bucket fulls of direct smoke, and exposed to one's own second hand smoke (both in enormous, regular quantities) takes decades to show effect. Dangers of "Second Hand Smoke" is one of the biggest lies ever propagated. Hell, I remember the cry that "SIDS" (sudden infant death syndrom) was caused by a baby catching a whiff of cigarette smoke (until the doctors had to face the fact that most cases were cause by the parents murdering their own children, or the child sleeping face down and smothering). Many people get lung cancer, after never smoking a day in their life. Radon is thought to be a serious culprit. Instead, you'd rather blame it on the fact that they once got a whiff of cigarette smoke. Yeah?, how about all the car/truck exhaust do you suck down every fucking day???

A man and a woman were walking directly through the DESIGNATED smoking area outside where I work. They didn't have to. THEY HAD A SHORTER ALTERNATIVE TO GET INSIDE THE BUILDING. The man had to g*ddamn nerve to give out a phony cough (you smokers know the type of person) and say to the woman with him "Man, you can get lung cancer just walking through here". I snapped back "Then don't walk through the fucking smoking area jack ass!"

I fucking hate the phony cough and cry from people that have the nerve to go out of their way to walk through the smoking area and then bitch. A little whiff of smoke ain't gonna kill you, so here are two words for you: Shut-(the-fuck)-up.

I also hate people that have no courtesy and go out of their way to smoke RIGHT next to the door to the building. Most of us will give some room and walk off to the side, But don't go out of your way to walk/stand right next to us and give your phony cough (and at least a hat-full of assholes do).

Posted by: Andy on August 15, 2005 11:42 PM

Gee, Pamela, I may be a dumb redneck, but I do believe I can 'preform' still.

Though damned if it'd be with you.

Posted by: Mark on August 15, 2005 11:47 PM

We smoke where the fucking ashtrays are. You don't like people smoking outside the door? Have the management move the ashtrays 25 feet away. Not a single smoker is going to complain. In fact, we'll probably be grateful that we don't have to deal with the snotty remarks and dirty looks of every healthier-than-thou nutjob that walks through the door.

Posted by: Eddie on August 16, 2005 12:25 AM

Pamala acts like there some magic screen that kicks in at 25 feet. Theres this thing called WIND. I know its probably some huge Republican conspiracy to give all the waterheaded liberals cancer through the magic of air circulation, but it still happens. Don't like smoke? don't go near ashtrays.

Posted by: Alli on August 16, 2005 12:49 AM

It seems that the dumbasses just keep spreading. First the Government ripped off the tobacco industry for billions and wasted it while putting several million people out of work and on the dole with their actions. They have already started on fast food and other things. I guess they'll never learn until they live in a totally controlled enviroment with no freedoms. Then they'll scream like an improperly stuck pig.

Posted by: scrapiron on August 16, 2005 01:11 AM

It's been my experience that people who look for things to get pissed off and righteous about end up with far worse health than the smoker/drinker/partier who laughs and keeps things in perspective.

Or maybe it just seems that way because the latter aren't chronically miserable whiners, wimping out at the first little ache.

- B@B (non-smoker, married to a smoker, but I refuse to nag or give ultimatums because the stress of living with a sanctimonious bitch would kill him faster than cigarettes ever could)

Posted by: abroad on August 16, 2005 01:18 AM

Nothing's quite as funny as reading the whinnings of anti-smoking nutcases early in the morning. And I say say that as a non-smoker married to a smoker for 40 years now...

Hammer time, Rob.

Posted by: emdfl on August 16, 2005 02:11 AM

I think pamala & jb need to hook one bullet Ha Murry

Posted by: Murry on August 16, 2005 02:52 AM

Have one more comment...I respect non smokers, the nons best run I'm smoking...That was cigaretts right?

Posted by: Murry on August 16, 2005 03:01 AM

As an ex-smoker I need to comment here. These anti-smoking nutjobs are all control freaks. It's not about smoking it's about them controlling you. It's their version of reality as opposed to yours. Fascist bastards. They believe in their own freedom to act and live how they please but you can't smoke a cigarette in your own home, car, front yard because they might get cancer and die. Everyone knows that if it wasn't for cigarettes we'd all live forever. Yeah right. I've only met one person who was actually allergic to cigarette smoke (along with a cats, mushrooms and seafood) all these others are hypochondriacs. Breathing will kill you. There's enough dust and smog in the air to counterbalance any thought they have of fresh air. People who jog in the city are just plain stupid. Jogging 5 miles a day is like smoking 2 packs a day. Do they drive cars or do they ride behind horses on their buggies to work? do the cook food or use any man-made substance? Well they helped to pollute the earth if they have. Trees create carbon monoxide, are they going to outlaw trees too?
I bet they preach tolerance when they're not out raping peoples rights.

Posted by: rayh on August 16, 2005 03:23 AM

I quit smoking back in March--it's the third time--and I feel great (though I've gained some pounds). But all this screaming banshee-ism about smoking almost makes me want to light one up every now and then just for the entertainment of watching idiotarian heads spin around.

Posted by: Juliette on August 16, 2005 03:31 AM

"Oh yeah, I have health insurance too, so don't worry about your pocket-book."

Don't worry about my pocketbook? It is because of addicted assholes like you with no willpower to quit that I am paying so damn much for MY health insurance. You drive up the cost of insurance for all of us you selfish idiot. Give 'em up and help us all get our premiums down.

Posted by: George on August 16, 2005 03:50 AM

"I doubt a smoker would worry Bush much

But Sheehan sure has him acting like a pussy.


"Spoken like a true 'sack full of assholes', jb. AND totally off subject."
-Hugh G. Rection

How is his comment totally off subject when the original post included a quote that states "Why don't YOU go stand in a ditch along with that Cindy-what's-her-ass maniac. You'd make a good couple."?

Perhaps you should learn to read before you make an ass of yourself Hugh. And by the way, HER name is Cindy Sheehan and she is doing fantastic and making a complete ass and a liar out of ole Dumbya and his whole chickenhawk administration.

Posted by: George on August 16, 2005 04:07 AM

"stinks like a sack full of assholes"is from the movie Dead Presidents( I only assume,cuz that's where I first heard it).
A smoke is good after a big steak dinner,but I wish I had the balls to quit.

Posted by: robc on August 16, 2005 05:17 AM

Yes, second hand smoke is bad for you. I am living proof. I am also living proof that first hand smoke is bad for you.

That's MY problem, though, not yours..or anybody else's..especially the government's.

Posted by: Kelly on August 16, 2005 05:22 AM

"But that's what wimmen typically do. They get all hormonal, develop the vapors and hyperventilate when they see something they don't like, no matter HOW fucking crazy it may seem to innocent bystanders."

Can we please not have sweeping generalizations here? Geez, we aren't all like Pamala.... :)

Posted by: Lisa on August 16, 2005 06:30 AM

Amazing, just fucking amazing.

Posted by: james old guy on August 16, 2005 06:48 AM

Conversation without generalization is impossible. As for sweeping, I've never seen a generalization wielding a broom.

It's like "the fabric of society" Nothing but a threadbare metaphor.

Posted by: Brettb on August 16, 2005 08:52 AM

They wouldn't be in the rain were it not for the bigots, such as Pamala.

You know what Rob? JB may be right about the war, seeing as half our population votes to establish a proactive tyranny here. Why defend them? They don't deserve it.

Posted by: Brett on August 16, 2005 09:00 AM

I do not smoke. Both my parents died from lung cancer from smoking. One was 52 and one was 60. Their life was cut short due to the fact they had a habit that they just could not break. It cost them their life, but it was their life and that is what they chose to do. It is a shame because their grand children missed out on having grand parents.

I chose not to smoke. If others want to smoke, fine, they can smoke 10 packs a day every day. It is not my problem, but when I have to breathe it, then it becomes my problem. Regardless if it is a health issue or not, I just do not like the smell. It stinks.

You talk about freedom. Freedom is something everyone should have as long as it doesn't interfers with someone elses freedom. If a person can smoke sitting next to me without me having to breathe it...then great....smoke away, but if I have to breath it...I'm does affect me. If I have a choice, I walk away but sometimes you don't have that choice.

If I was a smoker, I would make sure I was not bothering anyone else around me. Seems that would be the norm for most people who were taught manners and to be considerate of others.

Now as far as the woman in your house that grabbed your cigarette....that was way wrong of her. It was YOUR house and you do have a right to do anything you want to in your own house. I would have thrown her out too.

And you shouldn't judge all women based on the few who have crossed your path.

Posted by: Lara on August 16, 2005 09:16 AM

It's simple to avoid cigarette smoke Lara--don't go on property where smoking is allowed. That's the extent of your rights in the matter. Smokers have usually respected other people's property rights in like manner.

As for courtesy, it works both ways. Those who insist on having things their way at all times and places have no manners, and their curt lectures on courtesy are not principles, but underhanded weapons.

Posted by: Brett on August 16, 2005 09:37 AM

Brett....why should I be punished because I DON'T smoke? I can already hear the response from others saying......"why should I be punished because I DO? When will smokers ever EVER one cares what they do as long as it doesn't affect others. Smoke until their heart is content or stops...whichever happens first.

You tell me "don't go on property where smoking is allowed." example....I like the casinos and the ones I go to allow smoking. I don't know any in my area that doesn't allow smoking. Am I not suppose to go in there because of that? That isn't right.

I still go, but many times I have sat by a person smoking who could care less about their smoke blowing in anyone's face. Yea a few are considerate but not usually. Get up and move...I have, but someone else always comes along.

So many times I have thought about going to a store like "Spencer Gifts" and buying a spray that I could spray that would smell like a fermented fart and continuously spray that while they smoked, but then I would probably get busted for chemical terrorism. But just once I would like to see how they liked breathing something that stinks and is blown in their face, but then again it probably wouldn't matter...because most smokers can't smell anymore. The nicotine has not only eaten away their brain cells....they have gotten into their sinuses too.

Posted by: Lara on August 16, 2005 10:45 AM

Simple, Lara. You're not being punished.

Posted by: Brett on August 16, 2005 01:03 PM

First of all....I was being sarcastic. It was not really meant to be taken least not about the brain cells, but to make my point....I bet you smoke...huh?

And any doctor will tell you that many sinus infections are caused by smoking or second hand smoke. I have a co-worker whose 3 year old stays at the doctor's office with sinus infections. She was there at least once every two weeks. The doctor told her many times to not smoke around her daughter. He said that was the problem.

Her "brain cells" weren't totally dead and she did finally stop smoking around her child. She told me that it has been months since she has had to take her to the doctor. Geee...imagine that! But I am sure I will hear that was all just a coincedence.....huh?

Posted by: Lara on August 16, 2005 01:18 PM

Lara could start her own casino and ban smoking there. No one has ever questioned the right of property owners to ban smoking on their premises. The anti-smoking tyrants are not so liberal.

As far as public property goes, smokers pay taxes, too. They should be accomodated.

I love this issue. It separates the apostles of freedom from the apostles of tyranny. The humorous aspect is that the tyrants let you know who they are right away, deluded as they are into believing they actually speak for liberty. One very quickly knows the worth of their political views, and need not waste any further time cultivating their society.

The unhumorous aspect is that the success of the persecution means that no custom is safe from the depredations of our intolerant and, frankly, uncaring governing classes.

Posted by: Brett on August 16, 2005 01:20 PM

And Lara, doctors are not trustworthy on highly politicized issues. And despite their deep education, it is narrow, and they are no wiser as a group than the common run.

Posted by: Brett on August 16, 2005 01:23 PM

What does "highly politicized issues" have to do with a freakin sinus infection. Now you hate doctors too??? Hope some doctor that is trying to save your butt one day doesn't read this.

I guess next time I need medicine or if I was to break my arm, since doctors are no wiser than the "common run", I will just run down to my mechanic or hair dresser and see if they can take care of it!

Posted by: Lara on August 16, 2005 01:34 PM

The doctors of the nineteenth century set up a great protection racket by petitioning the government to keep medicine from the public unless they were first paid to grant permission, which may or may not be forthcoming. So yeah, doctors can be as corrupt and venal as any. They have only now found their substance control agenda biting themselves on the ass.

And sinus infections shouldn't be politicized, but people of Lara's point of view have certainly done so.

And silly, I did not a mechanic could do a doctor's legitimate work, or vice versa. Nor do I share the contempt for blue collar work displayed by the comment. I said they are no wiser than the common run, and so disqualified to run other people's lives. That goes for all of us.

Posted by: Brett on August 16, 2005 01:56 PM

I hate to say this well no I don't! I am a woman 100% woman and I have to agree with the men. I have decided to be Bisexual just so I can screw the hell out of these uprighteous bitches! Sorry gals but some of you have no freakin brains. I never understand the whole shopping hair and nails bullshit get a life I mean do something productive go work on a car or something. I guess I would have to say smoking is a choice I chose to do it I also chose to drink on occassion, but I have a real complaint that is also offensive too much damn perfume omg I hate going into a store and there is so many smells from some women you want to puke limit your sprays ladies only thing I can figure is you are trying to cover your nasty ass fish smell! Wow that felt pretty damn good to get off my chest!

Posted by: Shannon on August 16, 2005 02:39 PM

I can see where too much perfume can be a problem. People die from that daily.

Maybe I was right the first time....smoking DOES kill brain cells. I was being sarcastic but now I wonder if I wasn't on to something.......

Too bad that "doctors are not trustworthy on highly politicized issues. And despite their deep education, it is narrow, and they are no wiser as a group than the common run" or maybe they could research all of that.

Posted by: Lara on August 16, 2005 03:23 PM

My apologies to Rob. I know he does not like his comment section used as a "chat room". I know this will make a lot of people happy, but I am through commenting. Obviously, if you smoke, you are gonna continue to do so and those who don't are continue to complain about it including me. No one will win or convince the other side.

Again, my apologies to Rob.

Posted by: Lara on August 16, 2005 03:34 PM

I missed A LOT when I was out of town! Dayum!

Posted by: blondage on August 16, 2005 04:57 PM

Murry--If you were halfway intelligent enough to understand F/U I would say F/U . . . but you are not, so I won't say so.

Rob--if in no other batch of comments I ever told you so, in this one . . .

I told you so.

What a bunch of flapping lip morons this was! LOL


Posted by: jb on August 18, 2005 02:11 AM
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