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August 05, 2005

i like this!

What is NOT to like about someone who describes herself as "Dr. Jewlove (Or how I learned to stop kvetching and kvell in being a 29-year-old Brooklyn-born Yiddish-speakin', terrorist-hatin', Israel-lovin', country music two-steppin,' iced-coffee drinkin', pool-playin' sista of Zion)"

Got-dam! Is THAT sassy, or what? I admire sass, when it come from someone who can back it up with ass.

This is a pretty good blog.

And YES---- it is possible for two men to sleep in the same bed with no homosexual connotations about it.


Goddamit Rob, I catch you in my bed and you will be leaving with several .44 size holes in you. Men don't sleep with men. It's an unwritten law of the South where I come from.

Posted by: assrot on August 5, 2005 12:28 PM

I like her blog as well. Very smart and I enjoy the youthfulness of it.

My problem (and it's my problem) is that I'm having trouble with anything Jewish right now. My soon to be ex became re-energized with her religion and between that and the in-laws similar attitudes my puny protestant values became irrevelent. Now I find myself working to keep my kids open minded about religion. Every activity my wife (and her new boyfriend, nice jewish boy) finds for them seems to be centered on the Temple. I am firm believer in that religious beliefs are to be decided upon as a youth, it is a adult thing. Why is it OK to brainwash kids with a certain set of beliefs or with a set way to practice religion. All religions/sects are guilty of this. I want my kids to learn to understand all forms of religion and if they find one they like as an adult have an informed knowledge base to choose from, not one slanted from a single perspective.

Posted by: Dishonorable Schoolboy on August 5, 2005 02:40 PM
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