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August 02, 2005

don't blame the gun

After I vented about trigger locks yesterday, lo and behold... this story shows up in the news today.

I don't blame this tragedy on the gun, and I don't blame it on the lack of a trigger lock. I blame it on an irresponsible parent.

Yeah, that may sound harsh, but I taught BOTH of my children early in life that guns were not playthings. I kept weapons (loaded) in places that I could reach but they couldn't. But the main point I rammed into their little heads was, "YOU DON'T TOUCH THEM!" and they listened to me.

That's discipline, which is sorely lacking in a lot of parents today. Kids get curious about such forbidden fruit, and that's when you take them shooting and let them see for themselves what a gun can do. Once you do that, they KNOW it's not a toy. Most kids are a lot smarter than people give them credit for being.

I grieve for the parents who experienced this terrible loss. But a guy who is an employee at the county jail should have known better.

Sorry. But if this story is gonna be another Gun Control Example, I call bullshit.


You got that shit right. If the old man had EVER caught me TOUCHING one of his guns without his EXPRESS PERMISSION, i might as well have shot myself, because he would beat my ass bloody, then proceed to make my life hell for the next million years.

Gun control is teaching your kids respect, more than any other single thing.

Posted by: og on August 2, 2005 12:48 PM

Gun control is using both hands. And a good six shot grouping center mass.

Posted by: gravdigr on August 2, 2005 01:01 PM

There were 2 guns in my house. One was a 22 pistol my dad kept in his nightstand drawer and another was a police issue handgun (not sure the caliber) that he inherited when my grandfather passed away. He kept that one on the shelf in his closet. He took us shooting cans and used both guns to do so. He would have beat my ass like no tomorrow if he would have ever caught me touching one of those guns. Hell, he would have beat my ass just for rooting around in his bedroom without permission looking for them.

Posted by: Kelly on August 2, 2005 01:34 PM

My Dad was a Cop. He took me out when I was 5 and made me shoot a hand-gun. I learned real quick - IT WASN'T A TOY GUN!!!

Posted by: Mark Shaw on August 2, 2005 02:01 PM

Yep, if my father ever caught me rooting around in his private chambers, let alone fiddling with one of his guns, I would be thrust into the middle of a contest. The contest being, of course, to see what would occur first; Dad's belt-swinging arm becoming tired or me passing out from the pain.

Threats of physical punishment work well and all, but and ounce of prevention goes a long way. That's why I agree with Mark. Take your young child to the range and let him hear what a real firearm sounds like. When he hears the thunder and sees the flames he won't have any desire to go near the thing for many years (until you give him his first .22 at about 8-10).

Posted by: Quasi on August 2, 2005 06:04 PM

The only thing I have to say is this: if you have guns, please take them with you wherever you go. All of them! Don't leave them at home. Because, contrary to what most folks think or say, a gun WILL NOT PROTECT YOUR HOME, when you are not home to use it! It will just become a tool used in another crime, when some dirtbag steals it from you and shoots your neighbor.

That's a good reason to lock 'em up! Tight! Break 'em out when you're home all you want!

That's the responsibility of the gun owner! Can you honestly say that your guns are safe from theft?

JIM :)

Posted by: 0xdeadbeef on August 2, 2005 10:33 PM

My grandad taught me to shoot, and taught me about guns in general. Yes, a severe ass whupping would have been in order if I ever fucked with his guns without permission. He left them unloaded, on a rack in his bedroom, and always took the time to show them to me if I wanted to see them or ask questions. He had me shooting the pellet rifle and the .22 at the age of 7 or so.

Yes, I do lock the guns I don't have with me when I leave my residence, I only keep 2 loaded in condition 1 when I am around, the .45 auto and the 12ga shotgun. The rest are securely locked, bolts and or receivers removed and locked in a small wall safe until they are ready to use. It is also helpful to keep a description of each firearm, along with the serial number. I have one on my computer, one written in the safe, and another in my office at work.

Posted by: Anthony L. on August 3, 2005 08:31 AM

Oh, jeez... our house is crawling with loaded guns. As we work out of home, and the house is seldom empty, and the kids are not only grown and responsible, but good shooters themselves, I don't care.

The only problem is if people with small kids come to visit, there's a 30-minute mad scramble to corral all the guns and put 'em in the safe...

Posted by: Kim du Toit on August 3, 2005 09:30 AM
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