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July 27, 2005

timing is everything

When I die, I hope I do it in the fall when the weather is pleasant. It was too hot for a funeral today.


But think of it this least Henry's troubles are over.

And he is somewhere (not sure where) enjoying a nice cold piece of watermelon (sliced HIS way) and prolly looking down at you Rob, smiling....laughing even..(awaiting the day you join him, when you two can shoot the shit and finally settle the lengthwise vs sideways issue)

Speaking of watermelon.....I had a big ole hunk last night while watching the Red Sox beat Tampa Bay....

And tonight the husband is bringing home some sweet corn (local, of course) to go with our grilled chicken....

Henry, we wish you could join us...

Posted by: Ruth on July 27, 2005 02:47 PM

I agree 110% with you.
I'm SUPPOSE to be getting ready for my husband's grandmas' funeral right now. But the thought of wearing "nice" clothes and driving "in land" (triple digit heat right now) to attend it is not sounding like my idea of a good time.
The party afterwards at the cousin's house will definitly be though!

Posted by: Maeve on July 27, 2005 02:58 PM

Just thank godzilla you weren't in that fuckin box.

Posted by: gravdigr on July 27, 2005 03:07 PM

Fall day is fine. I'd want to leave sometime between 3 PM and sunset, when the sun is laying that certain slant of light across the fields and through the trees to where I sit enjoying it.

I don't want to die at night, and the morning is too full of promise to die then. Late afternoon/early evening is perfect.

Posted by: Desert Cat on July 27, 2005 10:42 PM

Didn't Twain say attendance at funerals is in proprtion to the weather?

Posted by: Larry on August 1, 2005 12:12 AM
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