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June 17, 2005

seldom-read blog

I said that I was going to pick five blogs every week and review them, just (I hope) to let people know that they're out there. Here is my first review.

I don't recall how I ran across the hairy libertarian, but I'm glad that I did. It's a Blogsplat site, but that's how I recommend that every wanna-be blogger starts out. The service is free, it's easy to use and it works--- at least most of the time.

I like the layout, and he even has a picture of himself and a brief profile on the main page. When I first clicked on it, I found the setup pleasing to my eyes. (A lot of people screw up otherwise good blogs by making them difficult to read, in MY humble opinion.) He writes in an easy-going, but passionate style. His politics are similar to mine---

No longer are we a people that are at liberty to do as we choose so long as we do not interfere with the liberty of another. Now we are simply all suspects that need to prove our innocence.

We are no longer sovereign, independent citizens in the eyes of our government, we are assumed to be liars and criminals.

I believe that I would like this guy if I met him in person. It's a good blog and he doesn't get shit for hits. Go visit him and see if you can change that fact. I don't believe that you'll regret it. I know that I'll be back.

I want to see how his pumpkins progress.


Good kid. His Gadsdan "Don't Tread on Me" Flag post recalled a snake we uncovered at our shooting range right before a match, and directed me to a Navy-Jack, which got me thinking about an Ensign style flag with a CA grizzly bear and the motto underneath, "Don't F** With Me." heh.

Posted by: -keith in mtn. view on June 17, 2005 06:24 PM

Wish I could sit on his porch and listen to him play his mandolin!!

Posted by: Bonita on June 17, 2005 08:11 PM

Thanks, checking it out now.

Posted by: Kellie on June 17, 2005 08:26 PM

Well, his readership just went up. I'm sure he appreciates the AcidLanche. He deserves it.

Posted by: StinKerr on June 17, 2005 08:40 PM

I liked what I read. Thanks for the link.

Posted by: GUYK on June 17, 2005 08:41 PM

went over for a quick peek....ended up reading most of the posts....liked what I read...I'll definitely be going back

Posted by: Tina on June 17, 2005 09:22 PM

Hey... awesome. I have people reading my blog! Woo hoo!

Thanks for the referral acidman.

Thanks for all the great comments everybody.

Posted by: Nick Wright on June 17, 2005 09:39 PM

Checked it out, liked it. Blogrolling him tonight
Thanks Rob

Posted by: GrampaPinhead on June 17, 2005 09:41 PM

Wow, great call!

Incidentally, when you get a 'lanche from Rob, it's called an "acidbath."

Posted by: Jay on June 17, 2005 10:46 PM

You are not worth a post! You are a quitting scub bag. You have talent, yet you can not drag your sorry ass off the floor. You can not face your friends, only insult them. And if anyone question's, they're bad! And you know what? Fuck you brother, and I don't mean that in a bad way! You think you are the only one that lost some one, go look in the fucking cemetary. Cause you missed it bro!
Go look in the National Cemetary, that's where I'll be buried, and you can sit and piss and moan and fuck yourself!

Posted by: ken on June 18, 2005 12:11 AM

Thanks, A-man, for the link to another good blog. Poor Ken, almost could feel sorry for someone so warped if they were not so full of hate. It can't be a good life being so repulsive. Get some therapy, Ken, quickly; leave your brain in that space and it'll stick that way. Sheesh!

Posted by: Stu on June 18, 2005 04:51 AM

All I can say is you 'Acidlaunched' me one time and it's been pretty good since! I blog because I want to not because I have to; I say what I want and if one doesn't like it, they don't have to come back, that simple! This one was pretty good, I'll have to go back again.

Posted by: Michele on June 18, 2005 09:58 AM

I like the guy, too.
He's CUTE!!!
So's Huck.

Only thing.... I can't understand what Ken's talkin' about up there.
I've read Nick's archives and I don't see anything that would engender Ken's vitriolic response.
In fact, it's so out of character for the Ken I know of... wow.
He's usually so laid back and gentle-minded...
Maybe it's because Ken is close to losing his Dad, which I'm sorry to read of.
Bad things beyond your control can make ya kinda touchy.
Still, I can hardly believe that was really Ken.

Meantime, Nick... yer getting blogrolled over at my place, too.
(Love that beard, Dude. LOVE IT!!!)

Posted by: Stevie on June 18, 2005 11:21 AM

Rasputin lives!

Posted by: Woody on June 18, 2005 11:06 PM

What a great idea - reviewing other blogs. Thanks.

Posted by: dw on June 19, 2005 04:07 AM

Thanks for the recommendation, Acidman. I like the young fella and what he and his wife are doing. Good to see there are still some young folks who are willing to live what they believe. I'll keep reading both his blogs.

Posted by: Aquila on June 19, 2005 04:56 AM
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