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May 25, 2005

i thought about it

In response to a comment on my hummingbird post below, I must confess--- I've considered doing a scientific experiment. I have three feeders hanging around my back porch. I thought about pouring a shot of vodka into one of them and then watching to see which feeder the birds preferred.

I decided not to do it because I don't want drunken hummingbirds attacking me. They are mean enough when they are sober.

Besides, if those little turds developed a taste for the grape and started passing out all over my yard, I'd NEVER get rid of the cats.


Those hummingbirds are definitely mean drunks. A little hooch emboldens those tiny creatures quite considerably.

I discovered this by accident when I had mixed up some sugar water and neglected to thoroughly wash the feeder before filling it. The sugar water fermented after a while and the little suckers kept on drinking it. I'm sure the alcoholic concentration was low, but it was enough to make the birds tipsy.

The males would literally attack -- mockingbird style -- anyone or anything foolish enough to go within 50 feet of that spiked feeder. I have never seen them attack people before.

Posted by: PaulB on May 25, 2005 11:12 AM

I've a feeder outside the kitchen window, they see their image in the glass and attack , I put a small mirror there for a while, they went ballistic, had to take it away before they killed themselves. Mean and territorial, they'll buzz you nearly everytime you get near the feeder. Still, they're a lot of enjoyment too.

Posted by: Jack on May 25, 2005 12:19 PM
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