Gut Rumbles

May 16, 2005

more on names

I once went camping with Jennifer, her niece, my daughter and my daughter's best friend. The girls were about eight or nine years old at the time. After I fed them a good campfire meal that night and told them a couple of ghost stories, I finally got them packed into the tent to go to sleep.

I sat around the fire and started chuckling. Jennifer asked me what was so funny. I said, "We have three young ladies with us tonight. But you wouldn't know it by what we call them. Sounds like three boys if you think about it."

That was true. We had Jessica, Nichole and Samantha. We called them "Jessie," "Nick" and "Sam." I'll guarantee you that if anyone heard me calling for them by those names, that person would expect three boys to pop out of the woods somewhere.

They all grew up to be beautiful young ladies, but I still call them by those same nicknames. Jessie, Nick and Sam.


I have a question. Is Sam Jennifer's daughter?

Posted by: a reader on May 16, 2005 04:40 PM
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