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May 15, 2005

okay, if you say so

Be careful who you meet on the internet. They just may try to cut your head off with a sword. Of course, the police had something to say about this crime.

"The cook suffered one or more sword blows, particularly in the area of the carotid (artery), which caused a quick death," a police spokesman said.

A police source said the attacker, a male in his 50s, then went to a police station with the weapon, and told police he had just killed someone.

Police said he had been examined by psychiatrists but appeared to be of sound mind.

If THAT guy was "sound of mind," I never want to meet a crazy person.


Where do you find this stuff! This is amazing. Well, at least the jerk can't use the popular "insanity" defense here.

Posted by: Joni on May 15, 2005 07:18 PM
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