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May 14, 2005

for JB

I wish I was as brilliant and all-knowing as a commenter (JB) who borders on being a troll when he pontificates on my site. I politely asked the bastard to attempt to keep his comments to 30 words or less, but he can't manage that kind of writing, especially when he's shit-faced, which appears to be the case most of the time.

I'm going to sell all of Quinton's stuff that I have here at the Crackerbox. I'm going to do it for three basic reasons.

#1-- It's all a waste. Nobody is using it, and it's all good stuff.

#2-- It takes up a lot of room in my house, and my house is cluttered enough already.

#3-- I DON'T LIKE LOOKING AT IT!!! Every time I see that shit, I think of my son and my heart breaks all over again. I've had enough of that.

I already gave a bunch of things to Jack, and he appreciated my generosity. Jack is growing up a lot like I did. He isn't handed everything his little heart desires. He has to scrap for what he gets, and he still calls me "Uncle Rob." I like that boy a lot.

JB has his head so far up his own ass that a sunshine pump couldn't put light in there. Every time I call Quinton, I get the answering machine. I leave a message asking him to call me, but he never does. I bought 24 greeting cards from Wal-Mart and sent one every day to him, with a nice personal note included, and I always asked him to call me. He never did.

If JB has an answer to this problem, I wish he would sober up, climb down off his fucking soapbox and tell it to me, in 30 words or less. If he can't, I want him to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Something else, too. I DO NOT LIKE blogs where the comments turn into got-dam chat rooms. If you want to speechify, start your own pissant blog or hang out in chat rooms. DO NOT do that shit on MY site.

I've seen numerous blogs that have fewer than 200 readers per day but over 400 comments on every post, HALF of them written by the author of the post. That ain't a blog. That's a chat-room.

People, every one of you had better get one thing straight right now--- this is MY goddam blog and I'll write anything I want to on it. If you don't like it, don't read it. I'm not selling anything here and I don't make a dime off any visitor who drops by. I write a lot about MY LIFE, but if I really wanted expert advice about how I should conduct it, I'd ask YOU--- you wouldn't have to volunteer your services.

And JB--- shut up. Anybody who can't make a cogent point in 30 words or less is a blithering idiot, especially when that person starts spewing about a subject that is none of his fucking business.

If you pull that shit on me again, I'll delete everything you stain my blog with forevermore.


WOW I was starting to feel like a troll until the that thread happened! I don't feel like one now. All I'm going to say is I understand how you feel Rob, and I'm sure you will do what you think best. Best of Luck to you.

Can I still be a minion?

Posted by: livey on May 14, 2005 11:36 AM

Phew! I am glad I didn't jump into the comment pot on whatever prompted this post! I don't want the acidman raining his wrath down on me! Please! I'll be good!

Good Luck with it all Rob! You have to do what you think is best!

Posted by: Wendi on May 14, 2005 11:39 AM

Who is Jack? (Just trying to keep up with the storyline and characters is all)

Posted by: Ruth on May 14, 2005 12:14 PM

Ruth, Jack is a boy who lives across the street from Rob. He and Quinton played together.

Posted by: Bonita on May 14, 2005 12:19 PM

*standing ovation*

I just took the deepest, most cleansing breath I've taken in years.

And, I also feel compelled to offer you an apology, my own self.
I did get a tad long-winded there, I admit it.

*hangs head and looks up at you through bangs*

And, thank you for so generously "overlooking" it.

Makes me wanna hug ya half to death.

I really am sorry I got so wordy, but... the way he attacked you was totally uncalled for and I just couldn't stand it.

Anyway, the ijit followed me home early this morning and like I said there, if that means he's outta your face, comments and life, great.

With all that I owe you, distracting and ultimately detroying this pinhead for you is nuthin'.

(And, please note that I am restraining myself from asking why on earth Dweezil wants you to talk to, ie: "adress", the top of his head, as that is where his "point" obviously is...)


Posted by: Stevie on May 14, 2005 01:29 PM

Not sayin' a word, although I am chewing my back teeth....

Posted by: Stevie on May 14, 2005 01:31 PM

Don't worry JB. You can tell when your remarks hit a target with Rob when he gets all pissy and whiny.

Next thing will be threats to sic his brother the hot-shot lawyer on you, and his skanky daughter will threaten to tap you knee caps with a ball-peen hammer.

These are not classy people here. But it's great fun watching them implode isn't it?

Posted by: Beth on May 14, 2005 01:34 PM

Thanks Bonita

Posted by: Ruth on May 14, 2005 01:59 PM


Sorry to hear about Quinton. I know it's hard
right now. But he will come back. You are
a great father. The poison in his head from
the BC will fade away. I know, because I
was in his shoes when I was his age. It's
not pretty and it's not fun. But nothing can--
or will--come between you.


Posted by: BJK on May 14, 2005 02:40 PM

honestly, troll beth, you've got to be the cruelest person i've ever seen. haven't you got anything better to do?

Posted by: not-troll beth on May 14, 2005 06:55 PM

On declaration of ownership of the blog-space, "Hear, hear!"
On selling your son's "stuff": My condolences. I can't even begin to imagine the pain that brought you to that decision.

Posted by: DJSloan/Houston on May 14, 2005 08:24 PM

Rob, I am hoping that you will reconsider getting rid of Quinton's stuff. However, if you feel that it must be done, I have a suggestion. Instead of selling the video games and equipment, would you consider checking the pediatric unit at your local hospital? Those games/equipment might come in very handy for some young folks. If there is a battered women's shelter near you, I am SURE that some youngsters there could put the games/toys to good use. I do not believe that you are getting rid of the stuff for the money. Perhaps knowing it went to a good purpose will help ease a speck of your misery. I am sorry that you are in so much pain. I hope to hell that you have a shark lawyer in the waters to get your visitation restored!

I hope you will continue to try to take the high road for your son. My DH has been through hell with his ex-wife and sons. In time, he WILL see the diference between his Momma and you. Please don't let your pain/anger lead you to follow the same road his bitch Momma has taken. Show him the high road. Show him the kind of man that you are----and that you hope he will become!

I know that you don't believe in prayers, but I do believe. I'll keep you and Quinton in my prayers.

Sorry to be well over my 30 word limit!

Posted by: Robin on May 14, 2005 09:22 PM

this is MY goddam blog and I'll write anything I want to on it.

Damn right, and people like me would leave if it weren't for this -- I read this blog because of what you write, and don't want to see it change.

Troll Beth: What the hell do you know about class? You strike me as the type to suck a man off after having anal sex with him, no washing in between.

I mean, what kind of person kicks a man when he's down? A man who cares about his kid and wants nothing more than to hear from him.

People like you will never understand class. I would rather spend a weekend with a hundred guys like Rob, and the commenters here, than an hour with a single cunt like you. Class is not some pretend crap that just snotty people like you can define.

Sorry for feeding the troll and being over 30 words.

Posted by: Adam Lawson on May 14, 2005 10:45 PM

The more I see of that troll Beth the more I believe its the BC

Posted by: livey on May 14, 2005 11:38 PM

Hey quit pickin on me. This is all I have left for entertainment in my life.
I love pissin Rob off. I hate all men cause they keep turning me down. So what if I weigh 423 pounds? Whats not to love about that.
Rob has said he would like a woman that at most is rubenesque. Well la-de-da. He hates big women. So I pick on him.

Posted by: Beth on May 15, 2005 12:31 AM

Hey Beth, Get a haircut and get a real job! Loose 200 pounds and focus on males...
All men are not bad, just the ones you came across...
Maybe loose 300 pounds?

JB ?..JB?.. Can I kick you in the head? Murry

Posted by: murry on May 15, 2005 03:24 AM

Hmm, didn't notice any "Rules für Comments" post. How can Alles be in Ordnung without rules?

Free advice is worth what it costs, but maybe you'd be happier if you did away with comments. It won't affect those of us who just come here to read your posts, and could care less what someone thinks about your effort.

Posted by: Mike James on May 15, 2005 04:05 AM

I seem to recall being a little on the potted side when I commented in that thread, and all I managed to do was agree with everybody.

Now y'all know why I'm not much of a drinker.

Posted by: McGehee on May 15, 2005 11:00 AM

If you really don't want people commenting on your blog, you'd remove that capability. So whether you admit it or not, you want the attention that comments draw.

The downside to that is that either you start censoring your comments, make people register to comment (which you yourself eschew), or dispense with them altogether. Somehow, I can't see any of those things happening.

Also, if you want to keep blowhards (like myself, for example) from talking at too much length, you can write some code which will limit their comments. Email me if you want help with that.

Posted by: Joni on May 15, 2005 01:49 PM

Oh, and as far as Quinton's stuff is concerned, please sleep on it. Years later, when you have NOTHING tangible to remember him by, you will wish you had saved at least one item.

But if you are determined to get rid of the things, why don't you think about donating them to a Children's Hospital, where they will be appreciated? You can make the charitable donation in Quinton's name if it will make you feel better.

Personally, I think you should just go ahead and pack them away. Things may seem bleak now, but luck and circumstances can change on a dime. Perhaps one day, a long time down the road, you and Quinton will meet again, and it would be nice to be able to bring that box out and give to him -- perhaps to share with grandchildren.

You just never know. But try not to do anything when you are feeling emotional or angry about it.

Posted by: Joni on May 15, 2005 01:52 PM

Wow, Murry. Pick me some lottery numbers while you're at it. I couldn't find anything concrete to indicate that Beth is overweight. But somehow, you divined it. With insight like that, I expect you'll be predicting earthquakes and hurricans next.

Posted by: Joni on May 15, 2005 01:54 PM

Sure, Murr

C'mon down.

Sorta like the hyenas after the lions feed, but what the hey?


Posted by: jb on May 15, 2005 08:13 PM

I like Robin's idea of donateing the stuff. It would bring great joy to a sick or needy child.

Posted by: Maeve on May 16, 2005 01:08 AM
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