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May 12, 2005

I'm a fire ant

When I posted about Arianna Huffington's abortion of a blog the other day, I wish I had said this about it. It really IS a pathetic brain-fart, especially when you consider the resources she has available, and a lot of bloggers are laughing their asses off at it.

The swarming bloggers aren't so much attacking the enemy as gawking at the squares. And who can blame them? Watching these bigwigs try their hand at blogging is like watching that poor, pudgy Star Wars kid try out his light-saber moves in the home-video classic that saturated the Web a couple years back. Sure, maybe they'll get the moves down eventually. But for now—come on. You're gonna tell me that shit ain't funny?

It IS funny. Money can't buy love--- and it obviously can't buy a good blog, either.

(Thanks to baldilocks for the link!)


But have you seen the kudos on the lib blogs? THEY LOVE HER!!! arghhhhhhhhh But then, they seem to love Franken too. No accounting for people's "tastes", my granny used to say.

Posted by: Indigo on May 12, 2005 11:44 AM
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