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April 29, 2005

kids today

Aren't they just so precious?

Doing that kind of thing NEVER would have occurred to me in my life. I would fight you at the drop of a hat, and I didn't take shit from anybody, but I NEVER even THOUGHT about running around and sticking people with a dirty needle. What kind of sick fuck does that?

A third-grader does today.

That's what happens when government becomes nanny to everybody. Government has never been worth a damn at policing its OWN business. Why would you expect those incompetent bastards to run YOUR life any better than they run the Department of Motor Vehicles? Or the Post Office?

It takes a village, right? Sure it does. If you want to raise an idiot.


I rethink my major everytime I hear a story like this... Do I really want to be a teacher?! The answer is becoming 'no' more and more often *sigh* insane parents raising insane kids, driving any sane teachers left over the edge.

Posted by: Alli on April 29, 2005 10:48 PM

Alli, even if you don't go into the profession, you'll be a teacher anmyway -- all grown-ups are. The problem is so few realize it, and what they end up teaching kids is all the wrong lessons.

Posted by: McGehee on April 29, 2005 11:08 PM

What about the parents? Wouldn't it be more prudent to blame thier failure as a parent than blaming the gov't?

Posted by: Cassidy on April 30, 2005 10:27 AM

That's why my cousin's homeschooling his kids (only problem is that he's one lazy motherfucker, but he'd probably do better than most public school teachers.)

Posted by: JG22 on May 1, 2005 08:36 PM
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