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April 25, 2005

god bless robert e. lee

In case you didn't know, today is Confederate Memorial Day. I am celebrating. I took down the American flag on my front porch and raised the Stars and Bars of the Confederate battle flag in its place.

If I piss anybody off by doing that, fuck 'em.


Is this the usual custom for celebration of this day? Is there anything else that goes on? Please forgive a Yankee reader if these are dumb questions.

Posted by: Dave D on April 25, 2005 12:27 PM

I thought it was a state holiday here in SC,, must be wrong.

Posted by: James Old Guy on April 25, 2005 12:40 PM

Did your black neighbors do the same?

Posted by: jimboy on April 25, 2005 01:27 PM

Thanks for the reminder, I followed your lead and second your end quote.

Posted by: gravdigr on April 25, 2005 02:50 PM

Rob, I don't care what flag you hang on the porch. It's your heritage and given your obvious respect for the Stars and Stripes celebrate the day! It does drive me crazy to see some skinhead asshole up here north of the MD line turning his ratty ol' pickup into a rolling symbol of intolerance. Unfortunately the true symbolism of your flag has been replaced in many places with something of a more evil tone.

Posted by: Dishonorable Schoolboy on April 25, 2005 04:18 PM

The con game of "intolerance" has been milked dry with regards to the Stars and Bars.
It represents something more than these one-trick liberal ponies have tried to brainwash people into thinking. It is part of your heritage and a symbol of freedom.

God Bless America. The only country left that values freedom!

Ralph-A Canukistanian

Posted by: Ralph Rattfuc on April 25, 2005 06:21 PM

Older Southerners, who knew the flag as a symbol of regional pride before the defaming racists had their way with it, understand what you mean, Rob.

Posted by: Indigo on April 25, 2005 08:28 PM

I view the Union and the Confederacy (during the Civil War) as like upside-down mirrors of each other. Both were fighting for freedom, and yet at the same time both wanted to keep someone enslaved. I still respect the Confederates who fought against Federal tyranny about as much as the Unionists who fought to free the Blacks, although I'll admit, the Union boys could've speeded up that whole civil rights process if they truely gave a damn.

I reserve a special kind of respect for the Confederate soldiers because they were probably the last (major) group of people in this country that had the courage and resolve to fight the Federal Government, and this was before it became the monster it is today. I look at all the futile protests that go on these days in Washington and whatnot, and think "If these people truely believed in what they're yelling about, and really want to make a difference, they'd pick up some damned guns and FIGHT for what they're advocating." Can't do that now, though, since Washington's a police state, gun control permits law enforcement superior weaponry and denys it to the common man, and besides, we're currently too damned docile and self-absorbed to risk our lives for our beliefs anyway.

Posted by: JG22 on April 25, 2005 09:03 PM

If you're from eastern Kentucky, chances are your great-grandparents sympathized with the Union in the Civil War and they would have been absolutely right to do so. If Robert E. Lee's side had won, Washington would have been the capital of a republic built on the blood and toil of the slave for many years after 1865.

Posted by: Fred on April 26, 2005 10:18 AM

Slavery would have died from its own weight during the Industrial Revolution. Why would you need to feed, house and clothe 100 slaves when one machine could do the same work?

Plus, most Confederate soldiers didn't come from big plantations. They worked like slaves themselves on some hard-scrabble farm.

They fought for their rights, and Lincoln crushed them.

Posted by: Acidman on April 26, 2005 02:59 PM

I think I'll celebrate by drinking some of Grant's favorite whiskey and flying the Stars and Stripes.

Thank God the Union was preserved.

Posted by: Chap on April 26, 2005 04:48 PM

If the South had (unlikely) won the war, there would have been no industrial revolution in the south. They had no need to change the way they were living until they lost the war. The state of New York out-produced all 11 confederate states combined in industry the year before the war started.

And the great majority of Southerners didn't fight for THEIR rights....they were fighting for the big plantation owners interests. The were told that their rights were being threatened....which rights were these, by the way?

The South was used to calling the shots in Washington, and when it looked like a power shift was likely, they cried like a bunch of bitches and had a hissy fit.

And General Lee was not only a liar and traitor, he was quit possibly the worst General in American history...his inability to adapt new tactics literally caused him to snatch defeat from the very jaws of victory.

Posted by: RedFalcon on April 26, 2005 07:36 PM

Oh, just fuck the goddamned dog-fucking damnedyankee assholes like the one above until they die painfully from it. (when I wrote "dog" I didn't mean "bitch".)

It's Memorial Day in FL, too, the OFFICIAL STATE MEMORIAL DAY!

Remember and honor our Confederate Dead!

Oh, and RedFalcon? Please be sure to wipe all of the dog shit from your chancreous dick before putting it into your mother! That's assuming that you actually *have* a mother, and that your parents are not brothers!

Posted by: Justthisguy on April 26, 2005 08:04 PM

Well, thank God that the Union won the war against the Evil Southern Hick Nogoods, because if it hadn't, then Washington wouldn't have as big a tax base as it does now to squeeze money out of for failed social programs and "PC" military occupations.

Hell, I recall one book based on audio interviews with a former slave, and she admitted that it seemed the Republicans weren't so much concerned with freeing the slaves as they were with controlling the South.

Once again, both ends were like upside down mirrors of each other; both fought for freedom from something, and at the same time both fought for slavery, in one form or another.

Posted by: JG22 on April 26, 2005 08:51 PM

Um, Redfalcon, General Robert E. Lee *WAS* one of the greatest generals in all of history. He was almost always outmanned, usually facing twice the number of enemy soldiers, and yet he would still win battles consistently. His one big mistake was in fighting the Union at Gettysburg where the northern soldiers had good defensive positions.

And when Grant finally arrived in the east, he just operated on the simple principle that if you outnumber the other side by 2-1, then just kill as many of the enemy as they kill of yours, and you will win because they'll run out of men first.

I'm a "Yankee," but I do read and understand a LOT of military history.

Posted by: Chico Panther on April 27, 2005 12:09 PM

No Chico....Lee made two big mistakes. He tried going North once before, in September of 1862. That didn't work any better. He failed to learn from that and repeated it almost a year later. Northern leaders were canned for less.

Posted by: RedFalcon on April 27, 2005 01:42 PM

In invading the North, Lee drew the Union army away from Richmond. And there were political considerations: Lee hoped the North would be afraid that the southerners could invade them, and Lee hoped some Yankees would call for peace talks.

It wasn't a mistake either time for him to invade. In August 1862 he did make the mistake of dividing his forces a bit too much, not to mention that McClellan got lucky finding one of Lee's orders. But then A.P. Hill came up and saved Lee's bacon. And at Gettysburg, things may have turned out differently had the Rebs been more aggressive on the first evening of the battle. But once the Union established good defensive positions, yes, Lee should not have assaulted but should have moved away to threaten another area. But Lee was worried about his men's morale if he had simply turned tail and ran.

Posted by: Chico Panther on April 28, 2005 05:48 PM

in my opinoin Robert e Lee is one of the best Persons ever-not only cause he Loved God and his country-but also cause he was a very friendly and inteligent person

Posted by: Brian Jakubik on May 14, 2005 08:09 PM

Lee was an awesome guy in every way and I romantsize the South in every way to this day and visit it frequently, but thank God Lee finally got his arogant butt kicked .I still love my Union boys. Nora from OHIO.

PS I regret have no Civil War relatives on either side .

Posted by: Nora on July 9, 2008 08:49 PM
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