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April 18, 2005

the blogroll

I've gotta work on the blogroll--- add a few people and promote a few others to the "Blogger's I've Met" category. I'll do that when my brain starts functioning again. I'm also going to delete a few people who simply don't post enough.

I have two complaints about the Georgia Writer's Workshop. #1 is that I didn't get laid. We had LOTS of wimmen there, but when I tried to breach the walls of their castles, using siege devices and all of my Southern charm (and a modicum of sobriety), I was defeated every time. See why I don't like wimmen in general? They are too stingy with pussy.

#2 was that we did all of that shit in MY room. When I woke up Saturday morning, I thought a bomb had exploded in there. Empty containers of various adult beverages were everywhere and the place resembled a buffalo grazing ground. The commode was broken. A chair was broken. The casing was off the air conditioner in the main bedroom. Every ashtray in the "non-smoking" room was filled to overflowing.

Georgia and Catfish helped me clean it up before the maid arrived. We didn't want her walking in there and having a heart attack when she saw the carnage. She was a woman with an English accent and she said, "Megawd! You people must have had a good time last night!" We assured her that we did and slipped her 10 dollars to keep her mouth shut about it.

I paid her another 10 dollars the next day, too. Day two was pretty much the same as day one, only worse. We corrupted some college students down there for Spring Break. Young shits. They just THINK they know how to party. We old farts gave them a lesson they will not soon forget.

I lasted one inning in the half-rubber game. I can still catch (one pitch and I had Kim out), but I can't hit or throw anymore, and I joined the other players in rolling on the ground when I tripped and fell. We didn't resemble an Olympic Team out there. We resembled a bunch of assholes, which we were. I still blame it all on the wind.

I finally drank a red-headed slut late Saturday night (or early Sunday morning). Dax was tending bar and everybody bragged on them, so I HAD to try one. I decided: those things could be lethal in large quantities.

I give a hat-tip to jim, and to zonker and especially to dax, all of whom proved that sleep doesn't mean anything to them. Bejus! They can hang all night.

Honorary mention goes to sam and moogie, although we thought for a while that Moogie wasn't going to make it. That Chatham Artillery Punch gave her a broadside that we thought might sink her, but she stayed afloat. Georgia (Ms. Recondo) NEVER runs out of gas and she NEVER stops talking, even at 5:00 in the morning.

Yeah, we had a couple of long nights. Next time, we're going to do this in a more civilized atmosphere. You know, somewhere like a titty-bar.


Don't feel like the Lone Ranger, I did not get any pussy either, but there were some great looking women there. I begged. acted very polite and normal, for a change, and still no pussy. I lost my southern charm, I think age has a lot to do with it. If someone have given me a chance, I would have showed them a thing or two. Never had a woman I could not make come 20 times, Cat

Posted by: catfish on April 18, 2005 11:28 PM

All I can say is "I'm glad I'm home...double fucking glad". If I'd had any more fun, I'd probably be dead.

Posted by: Sam on April 18, 2005 11:50 PM

I could kill my husband and hook up with you, but i'm thinking prison romances aren't my style! *G* Besides, Vman says I was the 'leveling influence' which means I'm a good girl,,,,*L*

Posted by: Michele on April 19, 2005 04:57 AM

I'll send you some pictures either today or tomorrow, Rob. I've got some good ones, including a couple of you and your brother together.

Good times!

Posted by: zonker on April 19, 2005 09:59 AM

Ahem...I just want to make it clear that I did not have any of the punch. I was supplied with Rum and Coke all night. At least I don't THINK I had any punch.

Posted by: Moogie on April 19, 2005 11:04 AM

I've not been posting much, for weeks and months, actually.

Guess I'm doooooooomed.


Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Posted by: Jim on April 19, 2005 11:37 PM

I'm holding my breath too, Jim!!

But wasn't that Jekyll thingy awesome?
Still think someone should have video recorded the highlights. Imagine the $$$$$$ from the sale of same.

Posted by: Indigo on April 20, 2005 12:34 AM
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