Gut Rumbles

April 07, 2005

wouldn't it be nice?

I'd really like to curl up with a woman in my bed tonight. Rain has fallen all day and it's PERFECT sleeping weather. I sometimes miss having a nice female ass to grab onto at night. I like nice female asses.

Plus, most wimmen just smell better than men do. I don't think I STINK (my kitchen may, although I don't), but there's just something about a feminine scent that pleases my olfactory nerves. I like to draw it into my nostrils in deep breaths and savor every one of them. Wimmen smell good to me.

The texture of their skin is different. They usually are smooth and soft. Even HAIRY wimmen aren't as hairy as a man, and I like that, too. Plus, a lot of them have really pretty feet with red toenails. They taste good, top to bottom.

I may go have to take a shower now and wash my dick. Using LOTS of soap.


It sounded fine until that last sentence. I really didn't want to visualize that.

Posted by: Woody on April 7, 2005 10:10 PM

Well, if THAT ain't the bedtime story from hell, I don't know what is. ;-)

Posted by: Chablis on April 7, 2005 10:30 PM

Try a bar of Lava its quicker !

Posted by: Billy Budd on April 7, 2005 10:55 PM

Yesterday, Lionel and I stopped at a little produce stand and saw some okra. (I assume it was imported from Spain or something, cause it sure as hell didn't grow in Britain in April.) I explained to Lionel about how you shake it in cornmeal and deep-fry it to make some good eating.

He said, "I'm never going to like anything that Acidman likes."

I said, "Acidman likes sex."

Posted by: shell on April 8, 2005 02:38 AM

LOL@ Shell

Posted by: Maeve on April 8, 2005 09:20 AM

Cleanliness is next to Godliness...

Posted by: Anthony L. on April 8, 2005 11:28 AM

In the mood you're in, I don't think you're going to need as much soap as you think...

Posted by: Rivrdog on April 8, 2005 09:36 PM

You better be careful Rob, one might begin to think that you actually have a romantic side.
Women, or most that I know, myself included, find it very sexy when a man even notices, much less appreciates what we smell like in our natural state. I'm not talking about ladeling on the perfume, I'm talking about the smell of a clean woman who takes good care of herself.
I must also say that I was impressed by the fact that you hold yourself to the same standards that you expect form your do have a caring side, don't you?

Posted by: dawn on April 8, 2005 11:15 PM
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