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April 07, 2005

i am flattered by this

It was a phone call from out of the blue and one that I never expected. But I have NEVER failed in enjoying a conversation with a fellow blogger. To me, that's one of the greatest pleasures I get from blogging. I get to meet a lot of really good people because I rant on the internet.

I'm not sure that I am a "Tall Dog" or a "Heavy Hitter" in blogdom. Those titles belong to Glenn Reynolds and Andrew Sullivan. They get more traffic in an hour than I do in a day. But I DO like it when I speak to strangers and have them say, "We had a very mellow "southern dude" conversation. He also spoke to Uzi. He was extremely cordial during what I thought was an invasion of his time."

That wasn't an invasion of my time. It made my day.

I'll try to explain this as carefully and coherently as I can: ACIDMAN is my blog persona, one I picked out a long time ago. Rob Smith is just a guy you'd probably like to have for a neighbor. The two people are NOT the same. Acidman will rip your head off and shit down your neck. Rob Smith will let you borrow his lawn mower and provide the gas to operate it.

Ask bloggers who have met me in person. I've been known to get shit-faced drunk, rant like an old-time stump-preacher and flirt with all the wimmen. But I don't believe that ANY of those people believe that I am evil and mean. They think I'm very entertaining, and I am.

I believe in the Golden Rule and I try to live my life that way. I've got enough Rebel in me that I won't run from a fight, but I don't go around picking them, either. I'll give you a good example of what I mean: go read this.

As for the party itself, I think that a question posed by my friend Bill captured the essence of the gathering. Watching the bloggers interact, he asked, “Have most of these people met one another before? It looks a bit like a high school reunion.” I responded that most of the people in the room had not met before, but that we already “knew” one another. That’s the way it is with bloggers and blogging.

Jim hit the nail on the head with that post. But watch him--- he likes to hang out in lady's bathrooms when he's been drinking and I have photographic proof of that fact.

But he's a blogger. What else do you expect? I also nominate him for "Best Farooking Hair" of any male blogger I ever saw. It's got a little silver in it, but it's as thick as a box of Brillo pads. I wish I had hair like that.

I don't know why I wrote this post. If you don't blog, you won't understand.


Don't fool yourself, you ARE a tall dog in our esteemed estimation.

Posted by: Florida Bill on April 7, 2005 04:36 PM

I got to talk to Rob, and good sir, you are one of the kindest individuals I have had the pleasure of speaking with.
You are a true Southern Gentleman. It was an honor to speak with you.

Posted by: UziQ on April 7, 2005 04:46 PM

I thank you, and my hair does too.

Posted by: Jim -PRS on April 7, 2005 04:59 PM

.. indeed... Jim has got the hair action goin' on... I've got his hat, too...

Posted by: Eric on April 7, 2005 05:03 PM

I guess us poor "readers" should just pack up our sacks and go home.

Posted by: Maggie on April 7, 2005 05:28 PM

Hell. Maggie, call me. Just because you don't have a blog doesn't mean that you have one of those Untouchable red dots on your forehead.

I'll talk to you and I'll try not to cuss, too.

Posted by: Acidman on April 7, 2005 05:38 PM

It's all relative. I'm sure you get more traffic in an hour than I do all week. Though, I've only been doing this for two weeks and still finding my voice.

Posted by: oregano on April 7, 2005 06:44 PM

Rob's writing reminds me of William Faulkner's - outstanding, but God WHAT YOU HAVE TO WADE THROUGH. Currently, my garden boots are being used for canoeing...

Posted by: Bonita on April 7, 2005 07:02 PM

I've been reading you for ages now. It took me about a month to figure out that you may huff and puff a lot, but that in real life, you're just a big ole softy. I don't know how so many other people miss that fact.

You're a multifaceted individual, that's for damn sure LOL.

Posted by: Chablis on April 7, 2005 07:50 PM

"Bonita" mean "pretty" in Spanish. Exactly WHAT have you had to canoe through lately?

Posted by: Acidman on April 7, 2005 08:02 PM

Here's my story about meeting the ornery, infalliable, infamous and oh so southernly gracious Acidman in person (copy and paste the link to another window). w/pics!

Yeah, he really is all that and a bag of chips in real life.

Posted by: marcl on April 7, 2005 08:09 PM

Acidman - I'm ashamed to admit that mostly, uh, I canoe in still water, Columbia Wildlife Refuge. Mind you, it's not stagnant water, just still. Problem is, everything is an illusion when you canoe still water. The bird songs there are beautiful and fleeting, just like everything else.

Posted by: Bonita on April 7, 2005 08:25 PM

I'm not a blogger, but I do understand. I'm a chatter and we get together every 2 months for our "family reunions" It is a wonderful experience and I believe we are very blessed.

Posted by: livey on April 7, 2005 09:25 PM

I don't think you have to be a blogger to understand.

It's actually pretty simple.

Not that most bloggers AREN'T pretty simple. What did Den Beste say a few years ago? 90% of blogs are crap? I would put that figure much closer to 99% right now.

Posted by: rightisright on April 7, 2005 10:05 PM

Sugar, I'd LOVE to sit on the porch with you, drink some whiskey and enjoy the view. I bet where you live is stunning and you have some great stories to tell.

Posted by: Maeve on April 7, 2005 10:33 PM
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