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April 06, 2005


Just read this and ponder the wisdom behind it.

I don't agree with you about Bush(it's easy to say don't tread on me when you know someone else is going to be doing the fighting. When it's someone else's blood who will flow regardless of whether they win or lose.

Wanda, I'm going to speak as slowly and carefully as I can now in (probably futile) hope that you may understand something very simple about the way the world works. You have never been a supervisor, have you? Well, I was one for 24 years and I'll let you in on a little secret. SUPERVISORS DON'T DO THE WORK. They make sure that other people do.

George Bush happens to be COMMANDER IN CHIEF of our armed forces. That's our MILITARY, darlin,' people who are trained to wage war and win. If you fart out your ass that silly, leftist notion that Bush doesn't care about the troops because he's not out there fighting with them, you are so full of shit that the world has not invented an enema bag big enough to clean you out.

This is the type of leftist thinking that drives me right up the wall. I've sent people into dangerous situations after I set the job up right and made it as safe as I could. I didn't do the work myself because THAT WASN'T MY JOB. I had people trained for that work and I sent THEM to do it.

But I felt responsible for everybody involved and it often gave me sleepless nights. Do you think---I mean really--- do you actually think at all that Bush doesn't carry that weight on his back every day? If you don't, you are a howling moonbat.

Being a leader isn't an easy job. Being a leader in a time of war is a lot rougher than anything I ever did. Bush KNEW troops would die, but he sent them into battle anyway. That's what leaders do when the cause is just.

Ten years from now, revisit my site and spout your same moonbeam rhetoric. I'll bet there's one thing I wont hear from you: "I WAS WRONG!"

Leftists never do that.


Great fucking post man! Amen to everything you just wrote.

Posted by: Gennie on April 6, 2005 03:35 AM

Maybe she should spend a little time in our fine military and she'd learn that concept real quick. Every military commander deals with the same decisions on different scales...platoon, company , battallion, whatever. They all make tough decisons to place soldiers in harms way for the greater good. Where have all the Patriots gone? How can a person grow to be an adult in our country without the basic understanding of how we got here and that freedom just ain't free. The cost of freedom was not "PAID IN FULL" long ago. Its paid every day. We're paying for it today and I assure you we'll pay for it tomorrow. Or maybe she'd prefer the alternative. When we're done with Iraq...look the fuck out Syria, Iran, and if things keep progressing as it is....we may have to kick some Indonesian ass too. The mother fuckers have unleashed the hounds of hell. I hope we stay true.

Posted by: DONGER on April 6, 2005 03:41 AM

There is a fairly common phrase that points up your astute observation. If I may...."The Mantle of authority weighs heavily" Take a look at the photo of the incomming President and compare it to his photo when he leaves office. The reason he looks this way is the weight of his descisions like sending Americas best into battle and the ,i'm sure, the emense grief, of having to tell the surviving family of their loss. Being President aint as rosey as it looks.

Posted by: arathorn on April 6, 2005 07:17 AM

Great post Rob, everything you said is the truth.
Most of todays problems are a direct result of the weakness shown by the Carter adminstration. We now have a leader who will bear the burden of leadership, sadly war is the business of death, you either die or kill to survive. Her side would rather appease the enemy, surrender in the hope they will not hurt her.
With an attitude like her's she could just end up as another one of some Muslim's wives or a slave sold to some other Muslim fanatic once they take over this country. Look at what is happening in the Netherlands. Think about the consequences of letting them roll over us.

Posted by: Jack on April 6, 2005 01:59 PM

Very well said, and definitely something that needed to be said. I hear people all the time going on and on about the "heroes" in Iraq. They're not heroes. They're soldiers and they're doing what they're paid and trained to do. I know that people choose to look at them as heroes because they're in a fucked up situation in a fucked up place, and given a choice most, if not all, of them would chose to be somewhere else. Doing something you don't want to do when it's your own decision makes you an honnorable person, but doing something you don't want to do because you're told to, and you don't have a choice makes you a soldier. Let's be proud of them for doing their jobs and doing them well, but let's not make them to be something they're not.

Posted by: Stereotype on April 6, 2005 04:06 PM

Great post Acidman.

Posted by: JimA on April 6, 2005 04:31 PM

Great point, STEREOTYPE, I've discussed this many times and feel exactly the same way. We cheapen the word for people like Sgt. 1st class Paul Smith, (recently awarded the CMH, posthumously) He is a HERO. The Army even jumped on board and issued a Bronze Star to Jessica Lynch for nothing more than returning fire! Bronze Star! Reading the account of what happened, she was deserving of nothing more than a Purple Heart, POW Medal, and a discharge if not remedial rifle range training on how to clear a misfired weapon. Don't get me wrong, these people are brave, but BRAVE is the word, not HERO. I'm a firefighter and it sickens me to here the word HERO applied to every firefighter and police officer. Every New York City Firefighter involved in 9-11 was not a hero. The ones who went up after being told to evacuate....HEROS. Let's not let the media change the definition of that word (the media coined the phrase "everyday Hero."...WTF?)and don't use it just because it makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Its a revered title deserved by a VERY small group of brave people. Lets do REAL Hero's of the past justice by continuing to be choosy who we apply the title to.

Posted by: DONGER on April 6, 2005 04:32 PM

It pisses me off royally to read shit like that that lefties spout . George Bush did his time in the military. Whether or not you believe he did all of his time is irrelevant. What is a known fact is that Bush learned to fly and flew Air defense in a beat ass old F-102 Delta Dagger. Those planes were nearly 20 years old in the early 1970's. They were obsolete and dangerous and that was made worse when they were used to train inexperienced men. There was a flaw in the design that caused an engine stall and loss of control frequently during takeoff. They frequently did a good imitation of a lawn dart. There is a reason Pilots get hazard pay. Bush put his life on the line. He was wearing this countries uniform when he did it. Thats good enough for me.

Posted by: Dennis P. on April 6, 2005 10:01 PM

Concerning the military, eight years of Clinton appears to have fucked most of it up pretty bad. At check the earlier articles listed towards the bottom of the "Fred Columns", and you'll find some stuff concerning the feminization of much of it. I don't think it's helped us much in our latest conflicts, but then again, it's always much easier for us to fight a traditoinally structured and organized army (like Saddam's before we ploughed over it), than it is to be fighting a bunch of desperate thugs with no uniforms or clearly-defined boundaries.

Bush doesn't impress me, but at least he's willing to stick with a job until it's done, unlike Clinton. Talk about needless wars.

Posted by: JG22 on April 6, 2005 10:29 PM
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