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March 28, 2005

a random interview

#1-- You've been blogging for more than three years now. What got you started and why do you keep doing it?

I started blogging because I was one small step away from suicide and I needed an outlet for a lot of emotions. That was a very dark time in my life. I found that outlet in blogging and it probably saved my life. I met a few people early on who encouraged me and helped keep me alive. I adore those people to this day.

I blog today because I now have a LOT more people who encourage me and keep me alive. I also blog because I love doing it.

#2-- How would you decsribe your blog? Is it a web diary, a political forum, a humor site or something else?

I don't really know. I love to write and I write about whatever crosses my mind. I try to inject a lot of humor into my posts, but I'll get all spittleflecked and angry, too. It just depends on the topic I chose to write about. I DO have a muse, and she dictates a lot of what I do.

#3-- In your archives, you wrote a lot about your "bloodless cunt" of an ex-wife. You obviously suffered a great deal. Are you over that pain now?

No, I am not and I don't believe that I ever will be. I've gotten better at DEALING with the pain, but I don't think it ever will go away. I loved that woman with all my heart and soul. I never expected the kind of betrayal I got from her. It turned my world upside-down and I doubt that it ever will be right again. Some things get broken so badly that they can't be fixed. My heart was one of those.

#4-- You were a supervisor in a chemical plant for more than 20 years. How did that experience influence your life?

Tremendously. It taught me to make decisions, handle difficult people and apply the rules whether I agreed with the rules or not. It taught me to give orders and expect them to be obeyed. It taught me to walk tall because I knew my shit better than anyone else did. It taught me to believe in myself and trust my instincts and my training when the shit hit the fan. That job made me a man.

#5-- Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Probably dead, from alcohol abuse and a poor lifestyle. If that doesn't happen, I'll be relaxing on a beach in Costa Rica. I have enough money to last me the rest of my life if I don't fuck-up and get married again. I don't ever need to go back to work and I don't worry about my bills being paid. I have everything about the American Dream except a woman to share it with, and I've decided that I can do without one of those.

Retired and independently wealthy at the age of 53. Not bad for a coal miner's boy, even if he does sleep alone at night.


It could always be worst and for one thing, you never forgot, where you came from, Cat.

Posted by: catfish on March 28, 2005 02:42 AM

You can have a woman in your life again. Just don't get married and don't live together.

I've never understood, even when I was deeply in love, why couples live together.

Keep your own place and your own independence, even if you spend 6 nights of the week with each other. Why court trouble and complications?

By the way--also a coal miner's kid here.

Posted by: Grace on March 28, 2005 12:18 PM

I haven't mentioned this before but I'm an Irish Witch who can see into the future. You're an orphan now Rob and that will change your outlook on life. Pain both physical and mental will continue to be a part of you for after all you are a human being. But life is going to get better - you will not die from alcohol abuse any time in the near future. I predict that sometime within the next few years you are going to meet your lifetime companion in whose arms you will die many, many years from now. Take Grace's advice and don't get married - anyway your new love won't want to.

Posted by: Nelly on March 28, 2005 03:05 PM


You're a GOOD witch!

Posted by: Grace on March 28, 2005 03:54 PM
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