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March 21, 2005

you've done it!

Show me people who swear that they never shit their pants and I'll show you a bunch of liars. I have shit my pants, and I probably will again. I ADMIT IT!!! I've pissed all over myself, too. The experience is not pleasant, but it's no reason to generate a lie.

If you've never shit your pants, you have not lived a complete life.


This reminds me of an episode of "Rosanne".

It's the one where DJ has discovered the joys of masturbation and has fervently embraced his new hobby, much to the discomfort of the rest of the family. Dan has had "the talk" with him and has explained that it's a natural, normal thing and that everyone does it. DJ then asks him, "Dad, how often to YOU do it?". Dan's response (pay attention here) is that, the funny thing about it is, even though it's natural and everyone does it, NOBODY TALKS ABOUT IT!

Too much informatin, Rob & Cat; too much information.

Posted by: Scott on March 21, 2005 02:14 PM

While it may not be pleasant, but, at least your warm!

Posted by: The Wizard on March 21, 2005 02:48 PM

and if you are wearing dark pants, who's gonna know (about the pissing that is)?

Yep, dumped in the pants too....wonder who is going to admit they thought they were gonna squeeze off a fart, just prior to that event taking place?

Posted by: Guy S. on March 21, 2005 04:14 PM

It is well known that you are the godfather of shitblogging, A-Man. You paved the way for the rest of us, and we owe you a debt of gratitude.

Posted by: Velociman on March 21, 2005 06:10 PM

Depending on the circumstances at the time, and the amount of "discomfort" you were under, the experience is NOT always unpleasant. Relief has a price, and sometimes it has to be paid.

Posted by: Wichi Dude on March 21, 2005 07:39 PM

Did it...

Here's a link:

'Nuff said!

Posted by: mostly cajun on March 21, 2005 08:35 PM

Only when truly shit-faced at the same time.

Posted by: Richard Miles on March 23, 2005 05:25 AM

Summer time, 1989, Panama City FL, Mariner West Condo's, Me, 2 good buddys and 3 really damn good lookin' horny assed hoochie mommas! Man it was heaven. We was gonna get laid!...Sure thang. (that don't happen very often in a young man's life.) Probably all at the same time. Maybe in tag team fashion. Anyhow that was until the foxy blonde I was hookin' up with SHIT HER BIKINI. No shit man, and it was bad too. Bikini was white...and small. SHIT EVERYWHERE. Well, they all ran off lickety split...shit fallin' outa this chicks bikini. It was fuckin' disgusting. We never saw them again, and the closest we ever came to a summer dream orgy went to shit. We still laugh about that to this day. True story.

Posted by: DONGER on March 24, 2005 01:49 AM
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