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February 23, 2005

ban it!

Yeah, go right ahead. And this is what you get. The nannies never seem to understand one simple fact about human nature, in spite of the glorious, flaming failures of Prohibition, the War on Drugs and other such do-gooder laws. Making it ILLEGAL doesn't stop it. And you're doing a world of good by teaching children to buy contraband. They'll be experts in dealing with the black market by the time they're grown.

If people want it, they'll get it. All these laws do is make criminals rich.


I used to sell candy sticks on the bus before and after school. The kind they sell in cracker barrel. Made enough to pay for a moped. 8 )

Posted by: Symph on February 23, 2005 07:00 PM

Yep. I had a thriving little dollar-a-joint business back in high school. I could get 70 of those bastards out of a $20 ounce of what would now be considered a pretty crappy assed bag of mexican weed. And I could sell them all in a day.

Got me lot's of good dates too.

Posted by: marcl on February 23, 2005 07:17 PM

and for the nanny's out there that might get some funny I don't push crap like that anymore.

Now, I sell information. It's way more profitable.

Posted by: marcl on February 23, 2005 07:21 PM

There's a term for the idea that solitary urges ought to be recognized and catered to, because of the impossibility of suppressing them and the consequent creation of an underground market--it's called 'pimp logic'.

Not that there's anything wrong with pimp logic, mind you--I don't, in general, object to saying "Oh, the hell with it, we might as well legalize (pot, prostitution, porn, moonshine, you name it)" if the result tends toward a more gentle, orderly society. Nothing wrong, I should say, if we are talking about grown ups. Schoolkids are another matter.

There's been enough catering to students over the last couple of decades, I think--social promotion, grade inflation, abandonment of dress codes, in the wilder districts teachers operate at some risk to their life just going to work every day. (I recognize that there exists an entire debate about whether their ought to be government schools at all, but that's outside the scope of this comment.) Perhaps the kids ought to be taught that after they graduate and enter the grown up world comes the time for personal autonomy.

I've made one or two unwise, bad-for-my-health decisions myself, and I'm not arguing against each man going to hell in his own way. But just as kids will learn how to get what they want, despite official sanction, they will also at some point run up against a boss or other authority figure who will say no and mean it, and perhaps be able to really screw up someone's whole program. Maybe it would be as valuable to teach the pointy-headed little darlings that they can't always have things their own way, to teach them a little prudence.

We have enough of the little bastards running around with unearned, unwarranted self-esteem as it is, and their numbers are increasing--I say we don't cater to them any more than absolutely necessary. My schooldays were an interminable, boring minor-league purgatory; why should theirs be any different?

Posted by: Mike James on February 23, 2005 07:38 PM

Damn, Mike, where'd you go to school? We had a hell of a lot of fun, ate candy before and after school and during lunch hour if we could afford it. I made pretty good money selling penny candy for a nickle of dime depending on the customers' finances. Didn't hurt anyone, none of my old classmates have died of diabetes or obesity and as for 'pimp logic' isn't that the same as consumer demand?

Posted by: Joe on February 24, 2005 10:56 AM
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