Gut Rumbles

February 05, 2005

a kid's poem

A big, fat toad---you see him?
There in the grass, parked on his... whatever
He ain't got no butt.

Pick him up, he'll pee on you
That's what toad-frogs like to do
They'll give you warts and ringworm, too.
Don't touch him.

A big, fat toad--- you see him?
There in the dirt, with gimlet-eyes
Watching for bugs for lunch surprise
He'll wait till he's ready and then he'll hike
He's got a tongue like a lightning strike
But he ain't got no butt.

You KNOW you're gonna pick him up.
You can't resist, you senseless pup
You'll get peed on and throw him back down
He'll be quite happy there back on the ground
You run for the hose and wash off the pee
While all of your friends laugh out in glee.
They ain't got no butts.

But you HAD to do it
You know that you did.
Toad-frogs exist just for curious kids
Yeah, you get peed on, but that's not so bad
It wasn't the WORST trip that you ever had.
You pick 'em up and you stand up right tall.
If you can't do that, you've got no butt at all.


hahaha! Nice.

Posted by: og on February 6, 2005 07:57 AM
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