Gut Rumbles

February 04, 2005


Do you know what is serenity to ME now? It's answering a knock at the door and not finding a couple of sheriff's deputies serving me more papers for shit I didn't do that I STILL have to go to court and pay for.

It's not having ANYBODY knock on the door.

It's not having my phone ring at all.

It's taking a shower in the morning, putting on a tee-shirt and a pair of sweats and lying around dressed like that all day watching horror movies that suck.

It's asking the question, "Where Does the Wind Go?", thinking about it the way a kid would, and then writing a poem about it.

I know serenity now. It's where the wind goes.


Your phone is always going to ring - the government left enough holes in the Do Not Call list that the telemarketers will find you ... they ALWAYS do, the bastards.

Posted by: maggot on February 5, 2005 09:35 AM

Speaking of Horror movies, have you seen "Fertilize the Blaspheming Blonde" ? Hootus Maximus.

Posted by: DaneBramage on February 6, 2005 01:29 PM
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