Gut Rumbles

February 03, 2005

i may try it

Somebody told me the other day that with all my belly-problems, insomnia, loss of appetite and projectile vomiting, I should try medicinal marijuana. "Just twist a doobie, dude! You'll feel better!:"

I've been thinking about it.

Of course, If I DID smoke marijuana to make my belly feel better, I might end up eating cans of fruit cocktail and sliced pineapple. I might also eat ham on bread with mayonaysse sandwiches. I might also eat peanut butter, the crunchy kind, right out of the jar while I watch a televison show that I'm paying NO attention to. I might eat and stop puking six times a day.

See? That's what's wrong with the idea of medicinal marijuana. It will fuck you up.


I think you need to get your head examined. Seriously.

Posted by: caltechgirl on February 3, 2005 05:17 PM

There is actually medicinal marijuana in pill is called joke...ask your Dr. to give it to you for nausea, it is given to chemo patients for their nausea.

Posted by: sailingcv on February 3, 2005 06:50 PM


There's just a few problems with Marinaol
A: It's generally not as effective. 13% effectiveness rate compared to marijuana
B: It's a couple orders of magnitude more expensive than the natural stuff.
THC might not be the only active ingredient in marijuana.

Posted by: Firethorn on February 3, 2005 07:09 PM

I had the exact same symptoms as you a few years back and the Dr. treated my for something called Heliobacter pylori. They have a simple test for it. Changed my whole life.

Posted by: Robert on February 3, 2005 07:50 PM

Screw pot. Get a sports car.

Hell of a lot better than drugs, and it wakes you up better than a strong cup of coffee.

Posted by: Mr. Lion on February 3, 2005 08:18 PM

Myself, I'd encourage you to get high.

But, and it's a big one, you wouldn't be able to keep silent. You would feel compelled to share your stonededness with the world. It would bite you in the ass eventually (just like Costa Rica, or the hooker, etc.). You know, the same way your compelled to share the nasty details of a kind woman throwing you a pity fuck.

For a southern gent, you have a lot to learn about discretion.

Posted by: Your not-so-favorite troll on February 3, 2005 08:39 PM

Discretion? WTF is that?

Posted by: Acidman on February 3, 2005 09:36 PM

Wouldn't exactly say the marra-ja-wanna is all that great for preventing vomiting. I remember this one time I got quite high, I was so high in fact that I was unable to properly manipulate the muscles in my throat that and I accidentally swallowed a whole drags worth of smoke. My friend said it was the first time he ever saw anyone puking from getting high.

Posted by: Quasi on February 4, 2005 12:32 AM

A couple of joints before bedtime wouldn't hurt you nor would it mess with your head that much. It is heavy use that messes people up. Just like alcohol.

Posted by: Nelly on February 4, 2005 09:47 AM

Troll, how dare you call Acidman a gent? Them's fightin' words!

Posted by: McGehee on February 4, 2005 11:45 AM
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