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February 03, 2005

he don't wanna work

I supervised a hire-in position for many years at work. Looking at new employees, I learned something very quickly. Some people just don't wanna work.

The job sucked. It was nasty, physical, repetetive, brain-numbing assembly line shit. I know EXACTLY how horrible that job is because I DID it for eighteen months when I hired in. But I hung in there like grim death, never missed a day of work and sucked up all the overtime I could get. I got out of there the first chance I saw and eventually went on to make something of myself.

But I wasn't afraid of work. I was willing to pay my dues.

Some people are just flat-out lazy. THEY ARE!!! They don't want to work and the most important part of their bodies are their delicate asses, where they intend to sit forever. Give one of those fucks a physical job and you've got a back-injury disability claim right away. That fucker found his scam. All he EVER wanted was a chance to get paid for not working.

I got paid for not working once. I took an overtime job that involved moving 1,000 bags of floor-sweeps, which weighed about 80 pounds each, up a conveyor belt and adding the pigment back into a big tank for reslurry. We were supposed to collect the empty bags and dispose of them before the job was finished. It was eight hours overtime for three people.

We were done at 9:30 that night. We ALL worked our asses off. You sling bags and add-back pigment the way we did that night, you work. That's heavy lifting and dirty duty. You'll remember that shit the next morning.

The supervisor surveyed the job site, was happy with what he saw, and he signed us all out on out time cards at 11:00 that night. I got paid for an hour and a half that I didn't work. That'll happen to you sometimes, if you want to work.

Just don't fucking expect it if you DON'T want to work.


Hi Rob,
I am an American living in fucked-up Germany. Try selling the work ethic to these assholes over here. Their unions/government tells them what their work ethic should be! Sorry for the rant but their anti-American bashing has caused me to consider divorcing my German husband who, by the way, finds America bashing humorous! It is Fasching time here and the top theme, as always, is bash America. But this year it has gone over board! They are blaming us for their inept Government and everything else that has gone wrong here in Germany. Fuck em, I hope that when we pull out our military the unemployment rate rises to 20%!

Posted by: Prisoner in Germany on February 3, 2005 04:18 PM

Funny you post this just as I watch the building of the Empire State Building on the history channel.

Those guys were some tough sombitches.

Posted by: rightisright on February 3, 2005 04:35 PM
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