Gut Rumbles

January 22, 2005

give 'em hell!

I may post something additional on this subject, but for right now I think Adam has it covered. You hang in there, dude.

What do some south Florida pig-poker and a west coast whiner know about a Jawja blog-meet? NOTHING, that's what. Let them attend one and survive, and maybe I'll listen to their rants--- until then, I say STFU.

I ought to fisk them both, but that would be shooting fish in a barrel.


Fisk Me? Fisk YOU!

I can see we brilliant city folk are going to have to come up there and show you ignorant people how things are done.

Posted by: Steve H. on January 22, 2005 12:28 PM

If'n y'show 'em how we do it here in Georgia, just let me know.

And pass the popcorn so I can munch on something while I watch you work...

Posted by: mhking on January 24, 2005 09:26 AM
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