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January 20, 2005

a southern delicacy

If you've never had shrimp and grits, you have lived an incomplete life. I had it cooked a lot of different ways, but it's always good.

Try it. You'll LIKE it.


Sounds damn good to me. What's not to like about that?

Posted by: Dash on January 20, 2005 11:09 AM

Don't forget to add the CHEESE....mmmmm good

Posted by: Chris on January 20, 2005 11:25 AM

I tried grits once but it's almost as bad as polenta.

Posted by: steve on January 20, 2005 12:12 PM

shrimp and grits is best with bacon. Yum. Love it. You should see the looks I get from the other yankees when I order it .

Posted by: caltechgirl on January 20, 2005 01:10 PM

Ok, Please begin posting recipies.... Gotta try it.

Posted by: DaneBramage on January 20, 2005 01:11 PM

I can't eat anything named after Jimmy Carter's dog.

Posted by: McGehee on January 20, 2005 02:22 PM

Thanks for the link Rob!

I'll try to get the bride to give me her recipe so I can post it.

Posted by: Dave on January 20, 2005 04:56 PM

You are to blame! I have been hungry for shrimp and grits all day because of you. The gravy is simmering on the stove now and I'm getting ready to stir bacon bits (real ones of course) into my cream-filled grits. This had better be good, PigmentMan.

Posted by: kd on January 20, 2005 07:42 PM
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