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January 20, 2005

i'm frightened, auntie em!

Don't you just love it when some backward-assed country such as Iran threatens the United States? I know I do.

"With reliance on enormous popular support, diplomatic capacity and full military capability, the Islamic Republic of Iran will firmly respond to any unwise measure or plan," foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said in a statement responding to "recent comments by US officials".

Iran may be not be an Arab nation (It's not. It's actually Aryan.) but the people sure do talk the Arab puff, bluff and bluster. What are they threatening here? Another "Line Of Death" in the sand? My aching ass.

Iran cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons. During the Cold War, the threat of mutual assured destruction kept the United States and the Soviet Union from using nukes, but that worked only because the leaders on both sides were sane. Once you put "Islamic Republic" in front of your country's name, I question your sanity.

Allah already tells those morons to blow themselves up and take as many infidels as possible with them. They DO IT, too. They believe in the 72 virgins and all the fresh grapes you can eat in the afterlife. Do you want RELIGOUS ZEALOTS having a nuclear weapon?

I don't, for the same reason that I don't allow children to play with matches. They don't know what they're doing and they may set something big on fire.

If those crazy bastards get a nuke, they'll use it. We should not allow that to happen. Those kids don't know how to play with matches. I say if they try to build one, we take it out.

And we'll worry about Iran's "firm response" later.


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