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January 15, 2005

global warming

Yeah, I am confused, too. I don't believe that Global Warming is happening, and I also believe that if it WERE, it wouldn't be a bad thing. I know damn good and well that a lot of people are making big money from selling this snake-oil, so pardon my scepticism.

Speaking of snake oil... I like this post.

The latest addition to the confusion parade, that Iíve heard anyway, is that global warming is causing us to slide into an ice age and it will happen very quickly. Huh? Did I miss this part on one of the days I cut science class? Doesnít an ice age mean global cooling? Or am I just another dumb bastard in the wilderness rolling his eyes, looking to the heavens and crying out- ďLord, deliver us from experts!Ē

Dumb bastard or not, Iíll tell you one thing that you can deposit. This past weekend was warm in Georgia. Still is. Last Sunday I walked up the dirt road running by my house and there was a snake! January! Snake! Just a little snake. Donít have a clue what denomination it was, but I do know this: Even in Georgia, that ainít right!

James, you haven't done enough walking. I've killed snakes in January just about all of my life. When you find ICE in Georgia in January, THEN you can worry about... Global Warming?

I'm with you. This shit makes my head hurt.

(UPDATE: Read this guy's entire blog. You'll find some interesting stuff in there and I never heard of him before today.)


Just download the software I linked to on January 13 here:

and play around with it.

The data are not all in yet about runanway global warming, but changing the composition of the atmosphere DOES change things... Just like pissing in your beer changes its taste.

Posted by: Jack on January 15, 2005 11:11 AM

Jerry Pournelle (Sci-fi writer) posted some interesting emails he traded with a NASA scientist. He pointed out that the models that predict global warming ignore the fact that it was warm enough in greenland for there to be dairy farms around 1100 AD, and cold enough during the revolutionary war that the hudson froze solid.

the money quote:
"An anecdote is a data point that science wants to ignore. Remember this useful phrase. You will find you need it again and again."

Posted by: joe g on January 15, 2005 11:11 AM
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