Gut Rumbles

January 07, 2005


Quinton's team won its first game tonight, another thriller, 14-13. Quinton had a chance to ice the game with two free throws with 11.4 seconds remaining on the clock, but he missed both. Dammit! I KNOW he can make free throws.

I went night-blind on the way home and missed the turn on Old Augusta Road. I never saw it and didn't realize that I fucked up until I drove past the Georgia Pacific paper mill, 5 miles past my turn. I damn nearly missed it again coming back.

I'm not driving at night anymore.


If you can, and haven't already, congratulate Quinton on the victory. It's a little more fun when you win one now and then.

Oh, one more thing. That night blindness thing... it happens to me, but usually about then, I remember to turn on my headlights. ;)


Posted by: RedNeck on January 8, 2005 05:22 AM

Get your eyes checked. It is much harder to see in dim light that bright light as you get older. The large pupil size makes focusing more difficult, and those old stiff lens can't quite do it.

Posted by: Joel on January 8, 2005 03:32 PM
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