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January 05, 2005

blog fodder

When Samantha and Stacey were cleaning my house, they accidentially uncovered the scrapbook where I have about six month's worth of the columns I wrote for the Effingham Herald years ago, when life was good. I'm going to post a few of them from time time to prove two points I want to make.

First--- I have been writing for a long time, pretty much in the style I write with today.

Second--- I CAN write without using profanity when I want to.

I think some of my old stuff is pretty good, in MY humble opinion. Hang around and you can decide for yourself.


I can't write without cussin'. I admire you for it. Good on ya. I was worked on the farm by an ex-navy welder turned tobacco farmer.

Do the math. ;)

I miss him.

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